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44 Things you can do to have the Body you Always Wanted




Here are 44 tips to help you achieve your goal of having a fine body without having to go through aggressive diets. Although there are various reasons for being overweight, these are surefire ways to save you extra pounds.

#1. If you’ve ever wondered why junk food chains are always colored in bright colors like red, yellow, and orange, you’ll find the answer in color psychology.

Human eyes are naturally attracted to the red color, and when the dining room is in these shades, the appetite increases. Many scientific studies suggest that if we eat from a blue plate, we will take a much smaller amount of food.

#2. According to a study, starting a morning breakfast with a boiled egg will help you get rid of 65% of the unwanted pounds.

#3. When eating, use a larger fork. According to scientists, people eat more slowly and with smaller bites with it.

#4. Select smaller plates.

#5. Turn off the TV while eating! Research shows that one eats at least 40% more food (mostly junk) while watching TV.

#6. Put your thoughts towards your future, not the past. If you are positive about your own future, it is much more likely to start becoming healthier.

#7. Avoid mayonnaise!

#8. Consume coffee with less or no sugar.

#9. Instead of restricting your diet, enrich it with more fruits and vegetables. The “greener” the portion is, the better it is for your body.

#10. Minimize the consumption of processed foods! Instead of wasting additional minutes, wandering between the shelves of the huge supermarket, get acquainted with new, healthy, alternative recipes. Doing this, you will get to know the kitchen of other peoples, expand your horizons, and you will be in shape.

#11. Exercise!

#12. Remember that for the diet you are currently undergoing, a day off does not exist!

#13. Avoid stress. We all know how easy it sounds, but how difficult is it to actually do. So we advise you to find your own stress vent – herbal tea, aromatherapy, or a new hobby.

#14. Have a meal, dine steadily, but do not overdo the calories. Eat lightly.

#15. Listen carefully to your appetite. Your body knows perfectly well what it needs.

#16. Eat more nuts and cereals.

#17. Instead of thinking about the amount of food, think of its quality. And consciously enjoy every bite.

#18. Eat at designated places, whether at home or in the office.

#19. When serving food for yourself and your family, always leave the dishes in which it is cooked in the kitchen. It is proven that with this little trick you are much more likely to avoid overeating.

#20. If possible, walk around after a meal. According to a survey of Japanese scientists from 2011, the walk immediately after a meal is much more effective than the walk an hour later.

#21. Eat more walnuts!

#22. Start your lunch or dinner with soup or salad.

#23. Keep track of your weight, keep notes.

#24. Avoid sugar and sweetness if you seek to slim down.

#25. Chew each bite 40 times, not 15. It’s been proven that you will eat at least 12% less food.

#26. Increase dietary fiber intake.

#27. Think about why you just want to lose weight. Knowing your own psyche will help you incredibly.

#28. Get out in the sun as frequently as possible! If you work on a computer, take advantage of the breaks that are yours by law.

#29. If you are shopping at a large supermarket, spend as much time as possible in the fruit and vegetable area.

#30. Sour may not be your favorite flavor, but it is one of the most beneficial. So eat more lemons or dress your salads with apple cider vinegar.

#31. Sate not only your stomach but also your brain. Maybe with an avocado.

#32. Replace canned fruits and juices with the real ones.

#33. If you are not a big fan of veggies, there are clever ways to incorporate them into your menu. For example, by pureeing them.

#34. If you add a pinch of salt to your dessert, you will make it more intense and you will not have to eat it all!

#35. Drink water before eating.

#36. Plan your daily menu ahead of time.

#37. Forget about potato chips!

#38. Stop eating when you feel that you are fully satisfied. Even if there are a few final bites on your plate.

#39. Say “No!” to soft drinks!

#40. If you find it very difficult to resist popcorn at the movie theater, always buy it in the smallest portion possible.

#41. Choose healthy foods in 80% of all situations. If you succeed 100%, then you are a real hero!

#42. Monitor your heart health.

#43. Brush not only your teeth but your tongue. It is proven that you reduce the desire for salty treats.

#44. Move even when you are stationary. According to psychologists, tapping your fingers on the desk, or with your feet underneath it helps burn calories.