All You Need To Know About This New Trend Called Male Body Waxing

Gone are the days when waxing was meant only for women and a limited group of men in showbiz, body building and other sports activity. The heterosexual man today opts for body waxing because that makes them look more attractive. Men from various professions are getting their chest and back waxed, but it doesn’t just end there, as many males go for even whole body waxing. Be it for the hygiene, to impress the girls or for any other reason male waxing is getting more and more popular.

When on one side male waxing is being accepted and flaunted globally, there are still some bashful males who might want to learn more about male waxing before taking their chance at waxing. The following are some of the common questions answered related to men waxing:

What is male body waxing?

Male body waxing is same as normal waxing. A thin layer of wax is applied on the area from where the undesired hair is to be removed, and then a strip of cloth is placed on the wax and ripped off in opposite direction so as remove the hair in one swift motion. The process is repeated till the entire area is hair free.

What to expect after waxing?

If you are going for waxing for the first time, it is possible that it might be painful. However, how painful it will be is subjected to many factors and varies from individual to individual. Waxing is better than shaving or using hair removal cream because they only cut the hair from the surface and not from the root. After waxing you can expect an elongated period of hair free days as the re-growth will appear after three to four weeks. Again the hair that grows after waxing is thing and fragile, so the next session of waxing is much less painful.

What areas can be waxed?

This is another common question asked at the salons by men. Practically all parts of the body can be waxed from unibrows, to the hair growing on toe nails. However, one must seek help of professionals when waxing for the first time and also to remove hair from sensitive parts of the body. Though there are do-it-yourself waxing kits available in the market, it is better to take professional help especially for male waxing because their skin and hair is thicker than that of women and a proper technique is required.

Who needs men waxing?

Waxing for men is largely dependent on personal aesthetics. So depending upon your personal choice you can decide whether to go for waxing or not and also how far to go. There are experts at male waxing who can make you completely hair free from chest to toe or only wax your chest, back and stomach. The choice is yours.

Now is the time to leave that shy and timid man behind and embrace the new trend in the male fashion world. Be bold and the mighty forces will come to your aid!

Author Bio:
Ethen Hunt, author of this article is an earnest writer and he has keen interest in keeping up with the running trends in the fashion world and also to bring them forth through articles. He writes for male waxing Sydney and recommends a search on waxing in Sydney.

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