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13 Top Trends In Fashion And Style This Summer



1. 80’s style trend- I keep hearing that neon is the new trend, it’s not so much that, as it is a whole category. I have seen so much of the 80’s style trend making its way back, it’s crazy. The cat-eye sunglasses, jogger pants, polka dot dresses and pants, big shirts/sweaters paired with leggings, and of course neon is back in full swing. Especially in the summer, I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of these items trending. From clothes to jewelry- the ’80s are back!!

2. Nautical theme: Anchors are a must-have this spring and summer! I’m seeing anchor print on clothing, jewelry, and it even trickled its way down to the decor.

3. Black & White: The new spring and summer trend is black and white. The “tuxedo” tops, and even black and white pants, are totally in. It’s simple yet classy, and you can always pair it with a colorful statement necklace to give your outfit a vibrant pop of color!

4. Statement pieces: When I say statement piece- most people assume I’m talking about a statement necklace. Not exactly. A statement piece can be a plain outfit with bright neon shoes, a bright colored clutch, and of course a statement necklace. Girls like to make a statement, by wearing something that makes them stand out. We are seeing a lot more submissions for bright colored clutches, and statement necklaces at Very Jane.

5. Floral Print- floral print is a spring and summer must-have!! I think this could also work its way into fall, and the colors would change to deep purples and oranges. Floral print pants, shirts, shoes, even jewelry. We are seeing it everywhere!

6. Emerald Green- Sounds weird that color could actually be a fashion trend right? The color emerald green was named the 2013 Pantone color of the year. We are just barely starting to see it at Very Jane in jewelry and accessories, but I think we are going to start seeing it pop up a lot more. Especially when we get to the fall/winter seasons! Mark my words- emerald green is the new tangerine orange! ;)

7. Monogrammed: This one’s a given. People like to make things their own, so of course, they put their name on it. Monogrammed jewelry, to cell phone accessories. I don’t see this trend leaving for a while.

8. Glitz and Glam: Seen a lot of sparkly accessories lately? Ladies are always about the sparkle! I’ve seen a lot of sequin clutches, glitter flats, and of course pave, or jeweled bracelets and necklaces. This is another trend Very Jane is starting to see a lot more of! I just booked some gorgeous sequin clutches, and I know they will be a huge hit. It’s a trend that will stay long into the fall and winter, especially around the holidays. Giving your outfit a little glitz and glam is essential. ;)

9. Bows- I love bows, so I’m loving this trend. I don’t mean I love bows in my hair, but bows on heels, jewelry, even bow print tops! Bows are the epitome of a girl symbol. Sassy yet classy. I love it!

10. Fur and faux leather- I’m not a huge fan of these items, but they are very popular. Faux fur leggings, and fur vests. This is a trend that we will see a lot more of when the summer dies down and we start getting into the cold winter months.

11. BOLD STRIPES!! This trend is huge. Stripe tops, pants, blazers, bags, you name it! This trend also ties in with the nautical and black and white trend. I’m seeing a lot of navy and white stripe tops, paired with a nautical-inspired anchor bracelet and red pants. I’m also seeing black and white stripe pants everywhere! Mixing prints are huge these days, so I’m even seeing stripe tops paired with a polka dot skirt! So fun!

12. Pastels! Pastels are always a hit in the spring. A Pastel colored top, paired with floral print shoes is the perfect spring outfit! We’re even seeing pastel-colored jewelry and accessories!

13. Studs and arrows- studs are everywhere. I guess it’s also known as “spike” accessories and clothing. Flats or heels with studs on them are very popular right now. I have attached a picture for your reference. :) I’ve seen these shoes on my favorite fashion blogs, I NEED THEM!! Also arrows. I’m seeing arrow print on kids’ clothing, women’s jewelry, even decor. It’s a part of the “tribal theme” that is ever so popular these days!