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How Can You Protect Your Hearing?



So many people sustain a loss of hearing over time and the causes for it vary hugely, from the natural effects of aging to reasons directly influenced by the activities that person has taken part in. Hearing aids are a tremendous help for many and if you have suffered from a loss of hearing then these devices could be exactly what you need to bring this area of your everyday life back up to speed. If you have yet to encounter such difficulties however you can safeguard against hearing problems occurring if you take these tips on board.

Hearing protection in the workplace

There are numerous types of jobs that involve the staff being subjected to frequent or prolonged periods of, particularly loud noises. Two such examples are factory positions and those who work on building sites around noisy construction equipment. In these instances and many others, it is highly important to include earplugs in amongst all of the other safety gear. These are the typical examples but there are perhaps less obvious places of work where employees have to hear loud noises while they carry out their tasks. It may be merely a minor irritation but you do not have to leave yourself open to it. Talk to those in charge about allowing you to wear earplugs if they have not already insisted upon it, or try to discuss a way of lessening the noise.


Depending on the genre of music and atmosphere live gigs can be extremely loud and can lead to a reduction in your hearing over time. This very suggestion may not fit into your idea of a music gig but by wearing earplugs that are often provided you can protect your hearing while still being able to hear and enjoy the music. Also if you are someone who listens to your earphones on a regular basis you should avoid taking it too far with the volume you choose. When you are listening to music in this way take regular intervals without your earphones in and if you are driving be careful not to have your music at a particularly high volume for a sustained period of time.

Turning the television down

It is never a good idea to have the television volume turned up higher than you need it to be so if you can hear it well enough on a lower number then adjust it accordingly. The difference it will make towards your hearing will be very significant over time.