5 Items Of Clothing That Are Dangerous For Your Health

You imagine that the biggest issue that your new clothes might cause is ridicule. Perhaps they don’t suit you, don’t fit or just aren’t your style. However, if you thought this is the worst possible thing that can happen to you, then you may be wrong. Here are the 5 items of everyday clothing with crazy health problems.

Face Piercings

It seems that facial piercings can cause problems with the brain according to scientists. Piercings can cause issues for the trigeminal nerve that connects sensations with the brain and can mess with how the brain works. In worst case scenarios it can cause eye misalignment or balance issues.


Cheap jewellery can cause all sorts of problems and often has extremely high levels of unwanted minerals and materials and these can be terribly toxic. Many contain things such as cadium and lead and are extremely noxious. These sorts of jewellery are often given to little children who love putting things in their mouth – hardly ideal if they’re filled with poison. If you’re going to buy these items do so from a big store and not a kiosk in a mall, as they will be less likely to have nearly as many safety and quality control measures in place.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are very in right now and have been for a number of years, however doctors warn that they can have shocking effects on people. Firstly, the tightness around the crotch area can cause all sorts of problems for men, the most notable of which is a lowering of sperm count due to the lack of room and high heat of the area due to their tightness. Secondly, skinny jeans can also cause problems with the curaneous nerve, which registers pain. This can cause neurological issues and immense pain in the legs.


The bra supports breasts but it seems that they may impact on hormonal imbalance if worn at night in bed. Supposedly according to Japanese scientists, bras lower levels of melatonin, which helps sleep patterns and waking up and also has impact on the menstrual cycle too.


Neck ties are very sharp looking pieces of clothing, though they can also cause problems with eyes. Ties can increase the risk of glaucoma as they increase levels of blood pressure to the eye, especially if they are worn tight. This was added to when a person was annoyed and can possibly lead to long term retina damage.

So, fashion is bad for your health and also your wallet – but then again what would we do without it?

Charles Jacob Howard is a lover of clothes and also the bizarre and is happy to share this article

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