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Give Fashion, Health and Fitness a Try



Sometimes, fitness is all in your head!

Fashion may not immediately spring to mind when discussing health, but in fact, it has a hand in both provoking and masking health problems; a nicely decorated double-edged sword if you like.  From the use of compression stockings to help treat varicose veins, to using concealers and creams to cover stretch marks and other problem areas, fashion has a vital role to play when it comes to making ourselves look and feel good.

Fit and In Fashion

Like the classic little black dress, being fit is in fashion and it looks set to become a staple too.  Understandably, we are all concerned with our appearance and spend time and money cultivating an image.  Yet now, many people are seeing the advantages of looking and feeling good both inside and outside.  More emphasis is being placed on gaining a desirable physique through a healthy diet alongside sheer hard work and exercise.

With many people hiring personal trainers and taking out gym memberships, it seems we are realizing there is more to life than jumping on and off the scales like a yo-yo and have started to get out there and take action.  Getting fit and healthy through exercising can be an important weapon in your arsenal against combating certain conditions; indeed, exercising has often been used in the fight against obesity and related problems such as varicose veins.

With the US Department of Health and Human Services estimating that 50 – 55% of American women suffer from varicose veins, it is not surprising that the spotlight is back on exercising and being healthy.  It is no longer good enough to look cool; you need to feel it too.  Do not worry however, we don’t all need to rush out and run a marathon as quickly as possible.  Sedate exercise such as walking can be a great way to boost circulation in your legs and make a difference to your overall health, possibly reducing the risk of aggravating those dreaded varicose veins.

Hit and Miss

Looking good on the outside can sometimes make us feel not so good on the inside.  For example, high heels can lead to poor posture due to the amount of pressure exerted on joints, but they often make the difference between a boring and brilliant outfit.  You want to stand out from the crowd, but maybe not in such uncomfortable shoes.

Placing an insole inside the shoe can help to reduce pressure on joints and ensure you stay standing comfortably.  Skinny jeans can also lead to problems if the tightness of the fabric causes nerves to become compressed.  It’s not all bad though.  Fashion can be a positive force when it comes to confronting problems.  The aforementioned compression stockings for varicose veins encourage blood to flow back up towards your heart and come in a variety of different styles, combining fashion and health in a shiny nylon casing.

Moisturizing problem skin areas before covering with a concealer that matches your skin tone may not hide varicose veins, but they can mask stretch marks and other abrasions from unwelcome prying eyes.  So, whilst being fit is certainly fabulous, it doesn’t hurt to add a little fashion into the mix.

Education, Education, Education

Fitness and fashion may get along great, but it is important to remain aware of the importance of education.  Getting the correct treatment is essential and permanent solutions can only be gained through seeing your doctor, who you should consult before taking action.  With technological advances comes a wealth of new surgical options and innovative procedures.  It is important to choose one which is suited to you perfectly, and this is where the advice of a doctor proves invaluable.

There are a variety of different specialists who can treat ailments such as varicose veins, so it is essential you get the right one for you; do not be afraid to consult more than one practitioner before making your decision.  This way you can stay fit, fashionable and, most importantly, healthy.

With the focus on health stronger than ever, perhaps it is time to learn how being fit can be fabulous.  Combat those varicose veins and other weight issues with regular exercise; the results, when combined with professional expertise, have the potential to be amazing.