Walk In Tub Perfectly Suited For Comfort, Style And Consumer Safety

Looking to get a new walk in tub?

When selecting your new bathroom fixtures you may want to give some consideration to the new walk in bathtubs. These walk-in tubs are designed to offer the ultimate bathing experience for consumers who demand comfort, security and safety. They are great investments. The elegant lines and innovative features are sure to capture your eye, but these tubs provide you with much more than just a pretty bathroom fixture.

From the quality acrylic materials to the smallest detail of construction, walk-in baths are distinctive, unique and undeniable. This modern style of bathing brings safety to the forefront by eliminating those common dangers associated with traditional styles of bathtubs.

Safety features

Each year there are thousands of slips and falls that occur in home bathrooms. Senior citizens are at the most risk of becoming a casualty due to one of these accidents. In the past there were few alternatives when bathing was concerned. If someone did not feel comfortable trying to climb into their bath they could settle for a sponge bath or just skip bathing altogether. As people age the changes in their balance and vision can make regular bathtubs a dangerous experience.

Even a slight slip can result in a sprained muscle, bruises or a painful bone fracture. For seniors who value their independence, asking for help with their bath was not a satisfactory solution to this dilemma. What they wanted was a tub that offered them a new bathing experience that was designed to be comfortable, convenient and safe for all consumers.

Instead of balancing on one foot to climb in and out of the bathtub, walk in tubs have been created as a walk-in fixture.

There are no high sides to clamber over because these are bathtubs that allow you to enter and exit by walking. This one concept was bold enough to permanently change the bathing industry. The walk-in designs assure you that these bath fixtures have been created to deliver the maximum amount of safety and convenience. There is an easy exit and entrance; secure footing; comfortable seating and a sturdy locking mechanism that prevents water leakage. What more could anyone ask from a simple bathtub?

These bathtubs can be used by consumers in all age groups, but are especially appreciated by adults and senior citizens.

The modern design also brings a welcome splash of elegance and beauty to any bathroom. The practical aspects of the walk-in tubs are gracefully combined with aesthetics so that they are blended into a sleek appearance. This means that your functional bathtub is going to be noticed first for the beauty and style that it adds to your bathroom.

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