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Portable Oxygen Allow Users To Feel Comfortable Outside Their Homes



What you should know about blood oxygen levels

Oxygen concentrators were designed to provide vital oxygen therapy to individuals who experience respiratory problems and may need additional oxygen supplementation. The main category of individuals who benefit from Respironics oxygen concentrators is those who suffer from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is a condition that can severely impair the oxygen intake if not treated properly.

It is caused mainly by smoking, but also other factors that lead to a “narrowing” of the lung air passages and a reduction of the effective lung volume, which translates into a lower ability to extract oxygen from the ambient air and deliver it into the bloodstream. COPD sufferers experience shortness of breath, excessive fatigue, and low productivity due to inefficient oxygen intake, which can be corrected through oxygen therapy implemented by portable oxygen or home oxygen concentrators. There are more than 30 million COPD sufferers in the

The United States and up to 100 million worldwide.

Respironics Oxygen Concentrators Effectively Deliver Oxygen Therapy And Allow Freedom Of Movement

Respironics concentrators come in two varieties, home and portable. Home oxygen concentrators are large, bulky devices that are designed to satisfy a high demand for oxygen therapy because they are able to deliver high amounts of oxygen for patients with severe respiratory dysfunction.

They can be used in hospitals and senior homes, but also at home for individuals with moderate to severe COPD. Respironics portable concentrators have an efficiency that is comparable to home oxygen concentrators, but they allow the user to go on trips, go shopping, visit friends, and other activities outside the home. They have a battery that eliminates the strict need to have a wall outlet nearby at all times. Portable concentrators have just a few buttons and are easy to operate.

A lightweight oxygen concentrator can deliver oxygen therapy in a continuous mode or in pulse mode. The continuous mode provides a steady flow of oxygen to correct the oxygen deficiency experienced by the patient at all times. The pulse mode involves the activation of oxygen flow only when the patient inhales, which allows significant battery savings. Discuss your oxygen therapy needs with your physician to determine which type of oxygen concentrator you should use. Some devices have both continuous and pulse options, while others are designed to operate solely on pulse mode.

Besides individuals suffering from COPD, oxygen concentrators are also used by people with sleep apnea who apply them in combination with a continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) machine. Sleep apnea involves abnormal pauses in breathing during the night’s rest, which translates into a lower oxygen intake and disturbed sleep. It is usually caused by an obstruction that impairs the normal airflow through the nasal or throat air passages.

An oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen extracted from the ambient air, while the CPAP machine forces the oxygen-enriched air through the collapsed airways, leading to instant relief and more peaceful sleep. Shop for portable concentrators or portable oxygen concentrator accessories after reading reviews and online opinions about each brand and model and consulting with your physician to determine which one is suitable for your respiratory requirements and lifestyle.