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Breathe Easy With Oxygen Concentrators



Oxygen concentrators provide patients with oxygen therapy at higher concentrations than it is available in the ambient air regularly inhaled. These convenient units are safer, cheaper, and afford more portability than bulky tanks of compressed oxygen and can be purchased or leased through medical supply companies and health insurers. Oxygen concentrators typically produce one to five liters of oxygen per minute and use what is known as “demand flow,” to deliver oxygen only when the patient is inhaling. Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics is the world leader in these consumer-friendly devices and started providing them for home use in 1985. They pride themselves in giving patients freedom and choice by providing “cost-effective solutions that drive better awareness, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and management of their conditions.”

The Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator provides dependable state-of-the-art technology. One of its most popular models is the SimplyGO, which is favored by patients because it is compact and lightweight and easily portable. Respironics Oxygen Concentrator products help people breathe more easily and sleep better through sleep solutions, respiratory therapy, and drug delivery devices.

Sleep solutions

With its 1985 model, Philips was the first company to produce a commercial continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, and through the decades, their advancements in technologies have allowed Philips to remain leaders in this type of equipment.

Advancements include the development of BiPAP bi-level systems, flex pressure relief, and the Encore with SmartCard data monitoring technologies. CPAP uses mild air pressure to help keep the airways open. It is commonly used by people suffering from conditions such as sleep apnea.

Its benefits include improving the quality of sleep, reducing snoring, relieving sleep apnea symptoms, such as daytime lethargy, and decreasing high blood pressure. CPAP devices are also used to assist premature babies whose lungs are not sufficiently developed to breathe normally.

Respiratory Therapy

Some medical conditions and diseases prevent patients from inhaling sufficient oxygen to function well. Philips Respironics oxygen therapy products allow patients to function more actively by providing a higher concentration of oxygen to the lungs through a tube that delivers oxygen via a nasal cannula into the nose or a face mask that fits over the nose and mouth. The portability of these portable Respironics devices means that patients can move about freely, and even undertake air travel, taking their own devices with them.

Drug Delivery

Respironics offers a variety of respiratory drug delivery products to provide quick, efficient, and targeted drug delivery. Nebulizers and compressors, commonly used for asthma management, help patients monitor their condition, and take their medications effectively. Nebulizers use oxygen to convert medical solutions into a mist of tiny aerosol droplets that the patient can directly inhale through a mouthpiece. The most common medicines used with this form of drug delivery are corticosteroids and bronchodilators, which are far more effective with targeted delivery to the respiratory tract, than ingested as a liquid, or in pill form.


With its wide-range of portable oxygen concentrators, home oxygen concentrators, and CPAP and BiPAP machines, Philips Respironics is sure to have a solution that will work for most patients. With its long track record in device provision, Philips unbeatable people-centric Respironics solutions combine efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectivity.