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Technology Advancements Evolving Dental Implant Practices



Holistic dental care history

There have been great advances in dentistry over recent years, especially in the field of dental implants. Previously the process of receiving new dental implants would take weeks or even months at a time – now it’s possible to receive perfect dental implants that can be created and fitted on the same day. Implants are often a consideration for those with missing teeth, as dental bridges and crowns are less appealing aesthetically and are not as functional as their implant counterparts.

Even as little as a couple of years ago dental implant routines consisted of lengthy examinations, surgeries, and painful bone grafting as well as long healing times. New techniques and advances have managed to reduce the discomfort and stress for the patients through medical technologies meaning that a person can now receive perfect dental implants within the space of a day.

Initially, a dentist would be required to take a number of X-rays, however, new 3D CAT scan technologies greatly speed up the whole process. With this, a dentist is able to tell the exact bone density in a patient’s mouth, the exact number of fillings, and other underlying dental problems a person has not noticeable at a routine check-up in a matter of minutes. This new technology is a great advantage to both dentist and patient, as it means the dentist will know the best way to proceed with the treatment and have a full understanding of what additional care may need to be taken, while the patient has peace of mind knowing the dentist will not have overlooked even the smallest of issues.

Traditional X-ray techniques for dental implants didn’t have this same level of depth causing potential issues for both parties. This also meant that the process took a lot longer, with the patient having to book at least two appointments for the dentists to build up an assessment of their dental health. As typical with dental appointments, patients would often have to wait months between the two appointments between getting the actual implant and the crown.

3D CAT scan technology means that this is no longer the case and means a dentist only needs one appointment as they can easily find the exact point where the dental implant can be inserted in the most efficient and safest way possible. They then insert a titanium screw and they can then place the tooth upon this straight away, allowing the whole planning and modeling the restoration work to be done in a short timescale.

Using these new technologies also gives the dentist the ability to show you exactly how your teeth will look when the implants have been fitted helping to aid the decision process for the patient. Now procedures that used to take months to complete properly, with potential pain and complications for the patients, can be shortened down to a day whilst greatly minimizing any chance of complications.