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The Origin of Modern Designer Fragrances



The origin of modern designer fragrances

Perfumes and fragrances have been a part of our lives for many years; a lot longer than many people would realize. There were people using scents back in ancient Egypt, although I doubt very much they were marketed like the modern products of today. In recent years, we have seen the move from traditional design houses like Dior and Chanel to more contemporary style icons like Usher, Beckham, and Sean John. The question on everyone’s lips is, ‘do they smell as good as the industry leaders?’

The Simple Answer

The short version is yes. If you want to know about scent, I could bore you with all the nonsense about how attractive odors originate from flowers that go through days and weeks of testing and that the testers are people known in the business as ‘Noses.’ I could go into depth about the benefits of a bouquet as opposed to a single floral scent, but people would think I am confusing fragrance with flower arranging. The fact of the matter is that big companies spend millions every year to come up with the best fragrances to make you and I smell better.

Designer Name, Designer Feeling

Read Not Your Grandmother’s Perfume…

Smelling nice is all part of the package of dressing well and always being presentable. People wearing Calvin Klein Crave or Davidoff Cool Water Aftershave may not believe they are the same as the people in the adverts, but they can feel confident when they are close to other people.  That is the main reason people choose a designer fragrance over a supermarket’s brand (Do they make them?). The designer fragrance is all about acceptance and making you feel comfortable in your skin. If someone says you smell nice, you naturally say thanks; it’s Dolce and Gabbana or Boss or whoever you are wearing. If you are wearing a cheap perfume or aftershave at the time, being told you smell nice can be treated with a little suspicion and have a negative effect.

Cost is not Everything

Cheap perfumes can still be designer names. There is so much competition in the market these days that there are many fragrances available for a reasonable price. You don’t need to be Victoria or David Beckham to smell like them, and that is what makes designer fragrances so appealing. As style icons have moved from the traditional catwalk designer names, we have embraced a new form of idol that has their brand of aftershave or perfume. From rappers to glamour models, everyone is trying to convince their army of fans to purchase their scent. Many years ago, it was said that if you could bottle Marilyn Monroe and sell her, you would make millions. Well, that is precisely when we have done with our modern-day superstars.

A Place for the Masters of Design

Superstars will come and go, but the top fashion houses are institutions. This is why we will always have the Dolce and Gabbana and Calving Klein fragrances on our shelves. Dior has been making scent for longer than many of our style icons have been alive. Even their parents were buying Dior and Chanel perfumes and possibly their grandparents too. This is why we can never go wrong with an old master when it comes to wearing a designer fragrance. There may be equally as nice offerings available from celebrity scents, but our icons will come and go. Some get better with age, but most get better with experience, which is entirely different.