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Health Risk Due to the Chemicals



People are jaded by the thought of increasing occurrences of chronic diseases, which they seldom came across a few decades ago, and bewildered about the pertinent cause for the same. We are living on a planet and environment which has dumped our existence with loads of toxic contaminants both physically and mentally. To start with, diseases like cancer heart problems, diabetes, and obesity have become common among the masses across different countries, and many unknown diseases like Allergy, Alzheimer’s, and AIDS are steadily catching up with the populace.

One of the reasons for this rampant scourge of diseases is the presence of many toxic chemicals in the environment which are bound to affect our lives one way or the other. According to current statistics, there are around 70,000 Industrial chemicals around and only 7 % of them have been tested for toxicity, and the rest of the chemicals still remain unchecked for their potent contamination of the environment.

These chemicals constantly bombard our bodies through various mediums like Food, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the contact of our skin.

These chemicals ultimately interfere with the biochemical reactions of our bodies and disrupt the overall balance that we have in synch with Mother Nature. One such exposure for example is with Plastics which are littered around practically everywhere on the planet.

These plastics and resins leach out harmful chemicals like BPA and dioxins. Since plastics and polymers are petrochemical derivatives which consist of many toxins one of them being BPA(Bisphenol A), which is a known endocrine hormone disruptor in our body and falsely triggers a biochemical reaction in our body by mimicking estrogens, we eventually end up being susceptible to a lot of neurological changes in our bodies.

This results in potentially harmful results such as increasing the risk of heart disease, obesity, cancer liver diseases, and diabetes. Scientists claim that besides these fatal diseases it gives way to neurological damage in children and fetuses by hampering their brain development in the womb.

Moreover, this one industrial chemical is responsible for higher incidences of breast cancer in women and reduced sperm count in men. So imagine, if one industrial chemical can do so much damage what will the other thousands of chemicals that are out there in our day to day lives and which have not been studied properly for their toxicity can do to our health?

When we talk about health there are other factors like radiation exposure and health risks due to EMF fields e. In this increasingly digital atmosphere that we live in surrounded by cell phones, computers, cloud devices, and electric gadgets the question obviously arises whether these devices affect our health in any way?

The answer is surprising yes! The EMF fields from the power lines, Wi-Fi networks, computers, and television sets have been studied widely to cause potential health risks like brain tumors, cancers birth defects in children, exhaustion, chronic migraine, and headaches.

To the utter dismay of experts and scientists, the threat from these devices is for real. Dr. David Carpenter, of the State University of New York, claims that nearly 30% of all cases of childhood cancers are a result of exposure to EMFs. So next time you are near such a device take precaution for the EMF exposure by taking some simple steps like keeping the device switched off when not in use, staying at least 6 feet away from the device while you are using them. Although these steps will not eradicate the risk completely it will go a long way in minimizing the potential health risk which is impending upon us in the future.

When talking about health risk the greatest disease that is challenging the modern world at present is obesity. People in the 21st century are not dying due to starvation or malnutrition but they might well die due to overconsumption and less physical movement.  Our mechanized lifestyles, where we survive on fast foods and depend on everything from cooking to laundry on modern electrical devices has inevitably caused us to be more sedentary and overweight.

As with the law of thermodynamics, the energy of any system balances itself through the input and output energy streams coming from the system and whenever the input to our bodies in the form of food consumption is not compensated with burning an adequate amount of calories as output, our metabolic systems go into an inherent imbalance where it keeps on storing this excess energy in for of fat.

This is also is courtesy due to the fact that big multinational food processing companies are shrewd enough to trigger our taste buds through additives and sweeteners so that we end up consuming more than ever before. This invariably helps them to make millions of dollars from their food products by tricking the gullible masses.

Added to this, corporate food companies spend a fortune in research to figure out the right additives to add to these foods so as to program and stimulate our brains to eat more. Moreover, they also are secretively spending millions of dollars on research to figure out the potential  “bliss points” of certain foods.

The right combination of sugar, fat, and salt simply does the job of persuading the brain to accept these processed foods and compels us to crave more for them. Even though they may bring disastrous results to our health but we cannot let them off our plate due to the sheer pleasure that they bring to our taste buds. These types of frankenfood have now increased their market presence more and more from portion sizes of biscuits to sweet fizzy drinks and candies.

The story doesn’t stop here. These companies, who are least bothered about our health, constantly bombard through media and advertisements coaxing us to buy more of their processed foods. The gullible masses who are already habituated to a sedentary lifestyle without any exercises and healing go into a perpetual cycle where they eat more and the same food that they eat causes them stress and inflammation, again triggers them to eat more.

Different sugars and sweeteners which people are afraid of only when they get diabetes and heart disease have another bitter truth attached to it. These high fructose sugars are fast making their way into all processed foods due to mass industrial production and low cost. Compared to the natural sugars these artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and HFCS are sweeter than natural sucrose and disaccharides.

This has caused them to be the preferred choice in all soft drinks and junk food. But these popular brands consciously hide the major potential risks inherent in such chemicals and fructose laden syrups. They downplay all forms of scientific campaigns which profess to the general public about the hazards of such sugars on your health.

This fructose overdose also causes the general consumers to become victims of “Overeating” by increasing the food craving which again shows to serve the purpose of the multinational companies.

One may now think that even if we are highly informed about the sinister motives of these corporate companies to make billions of dollars by this mode of deception why should we buy their story in the first place. We are scientific and we can discriminate between what is good for our health and what is poison.

But the harsh reality of today’s world is that even the so-called scientific research today is highly corporate-sponsored. Many multinational companies like Monsanto and Bayer roll out selective research studies by prestigious universities and organizations to endorse their own claims of the safety of their products.

Like the recent debate on Genetically modified foods wherein Monsanto has been claiming that their GMO seeds and pesticides are safe for people and they lined up a few well-known research institutions and government agencies to support their claims. But contrary to their claims a huge body of research fraternity has been growing worldwide who are increasingly asserting that GMO foods are poisonous to us and eventually cause cancer and heart disease.

Not only with the food but these multinationals have reversed other sectors like Beauty and cosmetics, supplements, health products as well as pharmaceuticals industry to achieve their goal of generating billions of dollars. For instance, it is popularly known that too much sun exposure is harmful to us and Ultraviolet light can cause speedy aging and skin cancer. But this again is a good example of false propaganda to market more and more sunscreens and beauty lotions.

Recent studies have shown that sun exposure is not harmful as they claim but rather it is an essential source of Vitamin D which is hardly found in large qualities in edible foods. The result of this false conception is visible now in a large number of people who are becoming Vitamin D deficient day by day.

Failure to monitor the low levels of Vitamin D causes an impact on thousands of genes in our body which scavenge the free radicals within the cells. This in turn leads to increased cancer risk as to the genes which check the free radical scourge are switched off.

Besides increased risks with many diseases these all factors hamper our age and the long term desire of many people to remain youthful and healthy are increasingly being defeated.

When the Food and drinks that we consume has done enough damage to our bodies, then the proverbial Trojan horse of drugs and supplements enter our lives to make our situation even worse. These drugs and supplements far from being effective give rise to other serious complications and side effects which make us the perpetual customers of these same Corporate Big Pharma companies who have bartered our health and wellness for billions and trillions of dollars.

It’s time that we wake up to this reality and respond to the ardent call of becoming informed and aware of the dangers lurking in our food, medicine, and the environment. Let’s come together with this beacon of knowledge to make this planet a better place to live for ourselves and our future generations.