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Importance of Choosing Natural Cosmetics Such as Sunscreen Lotions



Most of the cosmetics that you use, on a daily basis, contain a lot of harmful chemicals, which can damage your skin. It’s actually quite funny that the sunscreen lotion, which is meant to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, can actually harm your skin.

How to Choose a Sunscreen

The sunscreen should be effective and should pose a low risk to your skin. Therefore, if you opt for a natural one, then the risk factor would obviously be very less because the natural products contain very few chemicals. Most of the sunscreen makers tend to make wrong claims, and hence people tend to stay for longer times exposing their skin to sunlight. So, better we understand more about the sunscreens, an important factor to be considered is the SPF level.

Understanding the SPF

The sun protection factor (SPF) rates the effectiveness of the sunscreen against the dangerous UV rays. The SPF rates usually vary from 2 to 60, but the powerful ones may have SPF levels of even more than 60.

Significance of the Numbers

If it is numbered 15, then it means it protects your skin from 93% of sun rays, and the SPF 20 and SPF 60 mean that they block 95 percent and 98 percent of the UV radiation respectively. The difference between the percentage and the number is very small but the higher the rate means that it has great power in reducing the generation of Vitamin D from UVB rays. But the pitiful part is that it also means that the cream is made up of the highest amount of chemicals. You can still avoid chemical ingredients and UV radiation by opting for organic sunscreens that offer safe protection from sun rays.

Benefits of Using Natural Sunscreens

When you make use of any of the natural cosmetics, be it sunscreen lotions, moisturizers, face wash, or anything else, the number of chemicals in the product are fairly low. This simply means that the amount of damage that a regular sunscreen offering 93% protection from sun rays, can cause to the skin, would be much higher than the damage caused by a natural sunscreen offering the same level of protection.

Try the Natural Remedies

Another great thing is that you don’t really have to use a sunscreen lotion necessary, because there are many natural remedies that can do the same job as that of a sunscreen, offering you fantastic protection from the sun.

Making use of honey, lemon, carrot, and similar items, you can do wonders. And, here’s a quick sure-fire way to fight the harmful action of sun-rays, and remove the tan.

Mix honey and lime juice and honey in equal quantities, and apply them directly to the affected part of the skin. Leave it for about 20 minutes, and then wash it off with the help of water, or using a mild soap.

So, think twice before using a regular sunscreen, and look for natural options.