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Stay Safe From The Sun!



Summer is here, and while that should mean eating ice cream in the park or hanging out at the beach, for many of us, it will result in painful sunburn and endless trips to the chemist to stock up on after-sun. During the summer months, it’s essential to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays by covering up and wearing sunscreen, but did you know that, if left unprotected, your skin can be damaged all year round?

Slap it On

It may be an obvious one, but if you don’t top up your sunscreen throughout the day, you will burn. So many of us blame patches of hot pink skin on our sun cream not working, when in fact, it’s far more likely that we haven’t followed the directions for use correctly. You may think that buying a cream with a high SPF or a ‘one application only’ type claim means you’re in the clear, but if you don’t reapply after sweating, swimming, or rubbing yourself down with a towel, you’ll risk burning.

Winter Wonderland

During winter, you may find yourself freezing your socks off and curled up next to your radiator each night, but just because you can’t see the sun, that doesn’t mean it can’t affect you. Autumn and winter months offer less daylight hours than their spring and summer counterparts, but that doesn’t make the sun’s rays any less harmful. Throughout these months, you should still be wearing a low SPF sun cream or a moisturizer with built-in protection if you’re outside for prolonged periods.

Beware of the Powder

Hitting the slopes for a skiing holiday is another hidden risk to your skin. A decent ski jacket, gloves, and headgear are all essential to keep you warm, so you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re about as likely to burn yourself as you are to win a place at the Winter Olympics. Wrong! High up in the mountains and staying outside all day means you’re an easy target for the sun’s harmful UV rays. Make sure your ski goggles have a suitable level of protection and slap some sunscreen onto any exposed areas of your face. Image by: Robert S Donovan

Through the Looking Glass

If you are worried about burning in the sun but still want to enjoy the best of the outdoors, Conservatories might have the answer, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoor lifestyle while protecting you from UV rays, with protection that is built right into the frames of glass.

Burn Notice

In the heat of the midday sun on a balmy summer day, your skin can burn after just a few minutes of exposure.  You may think you don’t need any protection if you’re popping out to buy a pint of milk or picking the kids up from school, but even a quick stroll in direct sun can damage your skin. An easy way to remedy this is to use a moisturizer with an inbuilt SPF of 15. Applying it will become part of your daily routine and protect your skin at the same time.