Holiday Slips, Trips And Falls – 6 Tips For Avoiding A&E Abroad

Hitting the deck on holiday should be a pleasurable experience involving a long lazy lie by the hotel pool – not a spell in the local A&E and a phrase book to get you through your medical adventure.

Even the most luxurious holiday resort can be full of hazards if you don’t watch your step and keep an eye on what other holidaymakers are up to.

Spilled drinks by the pool and dropped food by the buffet can all act as a proverbial banana skin and send you into a spin, which may end up as a broken wrist, ankle or even jaw if you land on a hard marble floor.

Keeping your eyes peeled for a potential problem or obstacle which might cause a slip, trip or fall may seem like a chore when you are on holiday – but follow our six tips for avoiding a slip, and hit the deck in safety on holiday.

  1. Alcohol can impair your judgement, especially in the sun – so take special care when you are drinking and sunning yourself
  2. Balconies can be lethal abroad if they have a low guard rail or wall, so do not lean over, run up to a balcony wall or railing, or climb over balconies
  3. Coach steps and airplane steps can be steep and narrow and tricky to negotiate if you are tired and hot, so take extra care
  4. Dining room floors and marble floors in public spaces can be slippery if food or liquid is dropped on them, so report any spills and keep a lookout for dropped food or just-cleaned wet floors which have no warning signs in place – a bucket and mop nearby is a sign floors might have just been cleaned
  5. Escalators and lifts which have been poorly maintained may not work properly or smoothly – you can easily trip out of a lift if it does not rest level with the landing when the doors open, or fall from an escalator if it shudders to a halt or suddenly slows, so report any defects
  6. Flights of stairs and steps with broken paving stones can be a extremely dangerous, so take care and again report any poor maintenance to your holiday rep or hotel management.

Holidaymakers are often injured in slips, trips and falls through no fault of their own, so be watchful – many holidaymakers suffer permanent disability as a result of slips, trips and falls which were not their fault, so don’t let your holiday and possibly your life be wrecked by someone else’s lack of attention to detail.

Accidents and Injuries in the sun can sometimes mean lengthy trips to the local hospital.

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