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Independent Senior Living VS. Retirement Villages



There are many issues to consider when choosing how to live a happy and peaceful retirement. Most usually opt for either independent senior living or choose to take residence at a retirement village.

Independent Senior Living is designed so that senior citizens can live in a senior living complex that offers independent lifestyles for occupants. Although many senior citizens will want to maintain their independence there are daily activities that will become harder with age, living in a senior living complex will do away with the need to do daily strenuous tasks such as maintaining a garden.

Independent Senior Living brings with it a plan of physical and social activities designed to promote the health of the residents. Even in later years, health experts say moderate weekly exercise can considerably lengthen your lifespan. Most complexes will have swimming pools, fitness suites, and trainers to promote physical health.

Senior Independent Living also means that you are surrounded by people from the same age group who you will likely share a bond with. These independent living spaces are filled with seniors and social interaction is promoted with a variety of social events that cater to all. Although they share many similarities the main difference between independent senior living and retirement villages is that there is simply more at hand in a retirement village.

According to some the average retirement now lasts almost twenty-five years – a considerable length of time. So it is a huge decision on how you choose to spend it. Already popular in the United States, retirement villages in the UK are becoming ever more popular.

Retirement villages usually see houses built around a country club-like a mansion. You can find almost anything you could need here including restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, libraries, health and beauty salons as well as personal trainers and fitness classes. While catering for each and every social need, it also has highly trained doctors and nurses on 24-hour call for the residents.

Retirement villages allow senior citizens to be in control of their own homes and maintain their independence. They are intended to provide barrier-free housing while also offering a wide selection of facilities and activities to cater for all. These villages offer the upmost care and support and offer a life of independence in a secure environment. They promote health and social well-being while evidence indicates that the vast majority of older people consider retirement villages to be a positive move.