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Reaching Your Fitness Goals With A Personal Trainer



Less than 20 years ago personal training was were very much a minority profession. Yet since then, the year on year increase in global obesity has sparked widespread demand and interest in personal training as a way of losing weight and getting fit. As consumer demand has grown, gyms and health clubs have responded by increasing their recruitment drives to find more and more fitness trainers.

Endorsed by numerous celebrities it is clear that personal training really works. But how do you go about achieving your fitness goals through personal training?

Establish Your Fitness Goals

Firstly, you need to establish with your personal trainer precisely what it is you want to achieve. Your goal may be weight loss or you may want to train to be able to run a marathon. There are many goals you may have and it is a good idea to write these down so you can start visualizing what it is that you need help to achieve.

Establish A Timeframe

Secondly, you should set yourself a timeframe in which you would like to reach these goals. Discuss this with your trainer to find out whether your expectations are realistic. You may want to drop a dress size for your wedding in a few month’s time or you may have entered yourself into a charity run in six months’ time. Having both a clear fitness goal and a specific time frame will enable your personal trainer to create a program that can help you to realize your goals.

Develop Your Exercise Plan

Once your program is established your personal trainer will take you through the exercise plan step-by-step to show you how to perform the exercises correctly. They will watch you perform the exercises to make sure that you work at the right intensity. and will also set a frequency of training and you should be prepared to commit to the recommended schedule.

Get Motivated

Where personal trainers can really make all the difference is in providing much-needed motivation. It’s the one area that most of us struggle with and your trainer will sense when you’re ready to give up and will be able to push you to keep going, meaning you are less likely to want to simply give up.

Try to decide whether you need to work on your own with your trainer or whether you would rather work in a small group. Many personal trainers offer both options and there are even personal trainers that will come to your home, so if you really dislike gyms you need not even join one.

Evidence has shown that all our bodies are different and therefore we all respond differently to exercise. A tailored approach to fitness has been shown to results in far better results than just following a generic program or fitness DVD. By tailoring your workouts with the help of a personal trainer you can achieve your goals a lot quicker.