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The David Haye’s Celebrity Work Out



There are times when going to the gym, joining an exercise class, or running outside just isn’t what you want to do. It might be you just want a change; you want to mix things up a bit. It might be that you want to workout at home because it’s easier for your circumstances, or it might be your way of cutting the cost of keeping fit. Whatever your reasons, following Fitness Fan Blogs or watching DVD’s can be a really useful way to exercise.

There is a lot of fitness DVDs out there and they suit different people at different times. Celebrities bring out their own workouts from time to time, often with some amazing before and after photos on the cover, but not necessarily a good fitness program on the disc. For January 2013, David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye has released his DVD called David Haye’s Box and Tone costing about a tenner. It’s a 1 disc set. As far as celebrity workouts go, this is an excellent example, from a likable guy who really knows how to burn calories and tone muscles.

You would think that a DVD made by a World Heavyweight Boxing Champion would only appeal to men, but it manages to be interesting and motivating to the ladies too. David Haye’s charming personality and fabulous body really help, but his knowledge and confidence make for a good instructor.

He has a few helpers who exercise alongside him, 2 girls and 2 guys, who demonstrate the harder and easier versions of the workout, so people of all levels can still attempt to keep up. They have great bodies too giving you something to aim for. For those truly unfit, it is a challenge to do the workouts but not impossible, and you wouldn’t want it too easy because you wouldn’t see any results.   There are sections to the DVD so you can start off with short routines.

There is a warm-up and a cool-down part, some shadow boxing, some circuit training, and some stomach and core strength training too. The routines do feature some boxing moves, as you would expect, but there are a lot of squats, lunges, and skipping type moves too. Very quickly you will work up quite a sweat.

The mixture of exercise keeps it interesting, as well as working every part of the body including those lungs. David is encouraging and upbeat, keeping you motivated all the way through. There is some good music in the background too, keeping you in time. As you build up your stamina and strength, your ultimate target is to be able to work through the whole 100 minute DVD in one go, but as you are building up to this, you can break it down into the 20-minute segments.

None of the individual exercises are new or groundbreaking; they are the good old favorites that really work like the plank, push-ups, and sit-ups, but they are put together in a fun package. It is a good routine to start your day because it’s upbeat, and if you complete it faithfully you will really change the shape of your body. This DVD has received mostly good and excellent reviews from those who have given it a try.