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4 Ways Exercise Slows Down Aging



The aging process happens to everyone, although you may not be happy with this fact, the alternative is even more unpleasant when you do not exercise. How and how fast you age can be changed by simply turning to exercise. Getting up and using can slow down some, avoid some, and even reverse other effects of getting older. If you do it regularly, you can be in better shape and health in your 60s than you were in your 20s.

Exercise and Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the primary reasons people develop diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. If you exercise four to five days a week reduces inflammation and the belly fat, which can be a significant cause of it. Having a regular work-out routine will increase the production of anti-inflammatory chemicals in your body and slow down or possibly reverse some of the effects.

Increase Flexibility, Decrease Joint Problems

When your joints are used all the time for exercise, there is a shorter time when you are just sitting around doing nothing. Movement and exercise strengthens the muscles, ligaments, and tendons around the joints and keeps them well lubricated. While any damage cannot be undone, it can be stopped from worsening. If you have any extra weight, exercising will help you shed it and give your joints a break; they will not hurt as much.

Increased Circulation

As you exercise, more blood and oxygen is pushed through your body. This will revitalize all your tissues, including your skin. Your complexion will improve, and some of the wrinkles will disappear because your cells will be filled with oxygen and other nutrients in the blood. Often, lines are the result of dehydrated cells. Plump them up naturally with exercise instead of some chemical or poison.

Increase Heart and Lung Capacity

The more you exercise, the more oxygen you bring into your body, and the more blood is pumped through your body. Keeping oxygen precious blood available for all your cells and organs improves all body functions. You will digest food better, have better muscle tone and ability, have increased brain functioning, experience an increased sex drive, and be able to feel the sensations and perform longer.

You are going to age; it cannot be avoided. You can, however, decide on whether you will do so gracefully and slowly, enjoying every minute of it, or if you will let life take control of your body and wither away. It is never too late to start to exercise and bringing back control.