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Five of the Craziest Reasons People Have Gone to the ER



Most emergency room visits involve heart attacks and broken bones with a good few of them featuring earaches and other minor problems as well. However, some people come to the ER for extremely strange reasons. These may either be serious problems caused by strange circumstances or conditions for which an ER visit is extremely unnecessary. As the average ER turns out five crazy reasons to go to the hospital in one day, these are just a sampling of what might be going on in your local ER.

1. Man with Iguana Bite and Persistent Erection

A man showed up in a Tampa, Florida ER with a complaint that his girlfriend’s iguana had bitten off his finger. Apparently extremely distressed by the incident, the girlfriend had given the man one of her prescription antidepressants. In the case of the unfortunate young man, the antidepressants apparently metabolized something and left him with a secondary problem. ER visit necessary? Probably, when you’re missing a finger and have an unwanted erection. A crazy reason to need the ER? Definitely.

2. Raccoon Dangers

Raccoons seem to be dangerous creatures whether the person is after them or they are after the person. Some situations just seem to be unique, such as the middle-aged man who showed up in the ER after having been awoken from a nap on his porch by a raccoon biting his ankle. Others are just plain funny, such as the young man who tripped over a cable he had laid in his own yard but forgotten about while chasing a raccoon in the middle of the night. Some are kind of sad, like the elderly woman who broke her hip when she slipped off of her porch steps while chasing a raccoon. Whatever the reason apparently raccoons are more dangerous than most people realize.

3. Penis Stuck in a Bottle

A middle-aged man who needed to urinate decided to use a nearby bottle. Unfortunately, the bottle was too small and his member got stuck inside. He went to the ER where several doctors and nurses attempted to remove the bottle but did not succeed. Apparently, in serious pain, his struggles and screams did not make it easy for them to work. A ring cutter used to remove metal from patients in the ER was working but too slowly, so the doctors finally sedated the man and carefully used a blade to cut the bottle. As thanks for removing the bottle, the man peed all over the doctor who got to do the honors. Apparently, this is not exactly a one-off since a search of medical literature returns other cases of “penile entrapment in a bottle”.

4. Hit on the Head By…

Many ER visits involve head injuries. Most of these occur when someone suffers a fall or gets hit on the head by a falling object. However, some of the falling objects or reasons for the fall are more unusual than others. The man who was fixing his Internet cable and got hit on the head by the antlers hung on his wall is one of these cases. So is the woman who was searching for her cell phone in a dumpster when the wind gusted and the dumpster lid fell on her. Head injuries are usually nothing to laugh at but some of these tales are pretty ridiculous.

5. Miraculously Fine After Being Run Over

A man who wanted to change the oil in his car had nowhere to put his 3-year-old child. So, he stuck the kid in the car and crawled under it to drain the oil. While he was under the car the child knocked it out of gear and the car began to roll. It rolled over the chest of the man underneath it who was subsequently taken to the ER. The findings? There was nothing seriously wrong with him.