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Avoid Cell Phone Use During Pregnancy!



Cell phone

Just about everyone on the planet owns and uses a cell phone. In fact, in many households, it is the only type of phone used as lots of people are ditching their landlines. But with the convenience of cell phones also comes risks associated with their use. Most notably is the adverse effect they can have when used by women during pregnancy.

Various medical professionals and organizations including the World Health Organization are recommending that pregnant women avoid long periods of cell phone use and even excessive exposure to things such as microwaves. This creates a dilemma for these women as there are indeed times when they must use their cell phones, especially if an emergency situation should arise that has to do with their pregnancy. So, what is one to do? Utilizing an EMF shield is one potential solution.

Fortunately, there are some excellent products that do a great job of neutralizing and reducing harmful radiation that electronic devices have been known to emit. One such company at the forefront of this technology is Aires Technologies, located on the web at They offer up two products that are proven to be effective in combating radiation in electronic devices. First up is the Aires Shield, affordably priced at around $39. Utilizing it is as simple as following the easy instructions it comes with. Basically what you will be doing is applying it to the device of your choosing. What the Aires Shield then does is go about its job of decomposing oscillations associated with electronic fields and turns them into harmless components. It is designed for everyday usage.

Then there is the more costly – but also much more versatile – Aires Defender. This is a device that requires no installation whatsoever, is super slim and compact, yet highly effective. Simply slip the Aires Defender into a pocket, handbag, or even beneath your pillow while you are lying down or sleeping and let it do its thing. The Defender uses what is known as Fractal Diffraction Lattice (FDL). This transforms all the EMR around you into a coherent state.

So, while it is true that pregnant women should listen to the recommendations set forth by medical organizations and professionals regarding cell phone usage during this special period of their lives, they should not have to ditch the cell phone altogether. Simply head on over to the Aires Technologies website ( and read up on the health warnings by the World Health Organization, CNN, and other sources.