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5 Medical Device Trends To Watch This Year



5 medical device trends to watch this year

Following the latest industry trends is imperative to stay relevant in any industry. This is particularly true in the medical field, where new medical technologies are constantly in development and creating brighter futures.

It seems like every month, there is a new medical device to get acclimated to. If you are a medical professional, staying on top of the latest medical devices will allow you to provide the best care to your patients. Keep reading to find out the best medical device trends to watch this year.

IOT Connectivity

More and more medical devices are being developed with Internet-of-Things technology, or IoT for short. That means that IoT connected medical devices will be trending for years to come.

IoT connectivity provides insightful data to medical practitioners, patients and device makers themselves. The data sets generated from these IoT medical devices have the power to revolutionize medical procedures and provide improved medical technologies to improve care for patients all over the world.

If you want to keep up on the latest medical devices, be sure to look into the value of IoT medical device trends.

Trial Wearables

Wearable medical devices are being used much more frequently in clinical trials. This is one of the biggest medical device trends in the field. Medical trial participants are able to use the devices to limit the clinic visits they are forced to sit through.

Meanwhile, medical researchers and practitioners are able to use the devices to create a constant stream of medical data with less time spent on patient visits. These medical trial wearable devices are the perfect tool to help make the clinical trials process more efficient.

That is what makes them one of the best new cutting edge medical device for medical professionals to know.

User-Centered Design

Medical devices are trending towards a more user-centered design. User centered medical devices are promising to become one of the most widespread developments in the field.

These types of medical technologies are being developed to give patients more control over their own personal health and well-being. User-friendly medical devices stand to improve the health and wellness of millions of patients all over the world.

They give patients the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions. That will only make it easier for medical professionals to provide meaningful care that effectively improves patients’ lives for the long term.

This is why user-centered medical device design is one of the biggest medical device industry trends to watch out for.

Stringent Regulation

Medical device regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. It is one of the biggest and most controversial medical device industry trends being discussed by those in the field.

Device packaging and labeling have experienced some of the biggest changes thanks to these more stringent medical industry regulations.

Moreover, medical devices must now be labeled and given a unique device identification code to enable the FDA to track each individual device throughout the entire manufacturing and sales process.

According to Crowe & Mulvey LLP, “Every week, the Food and Drug Administration reports any recalls and safety issues regarding numerous products, including medical devices.”

To learn more, click here to read how these devices break down or are defective. This medical trend complicates development for medical device companies. However, it also improves patient care and makes for more standardized devices in use.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

One of the most surprising medical device trends is also one of the most needed in America today. Medical devices are now being developed to treat opioid addiction.

Just a few short years ago, the Food and Drug Administration made a request for medical device developers to begin research and development on devices to treat opioid addiction or even prevent opioid addiction in the first place.

That call to action was answered by developers creating now trending medical devices like rapid drug screen devices, DTMS devices, smart pill dispensers and even VR neuropsychological therapy devices for the treatment of opioid related pain. These are some of the most popular medical devices of the year.

All medical professionals need to keep up to date on the top medical device trends. That way, you are able to provide the absolute best patient care in whatever capacity you work. The medical device industry has exploded with the trends detailed above.

IoT connectivity and wearable medical devices are some of the hottest medical field trends. User-centered design, opioid treatment and more stringent regulations are also some trends you should consider watching closely.

Remember these new medical devices when you are caring for your patients, and you are sure to achieve more favorable treatment outcomes.

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