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5 Cutting-Edge Medical Devices That Will Amaze You



Whether you are a doctor or not has no bearing on the fact that recent innovations with regard to medical devices have been amazing. Cutting-edge technology is responsible for significant advances in the medical industry: it’s allowed medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

These five devices might just leave you speechless.

1. Babylance safety heelstick case study

If you’re a parent, you may know that when your baby is born, the doctor will take a sample of the baby’s blood. This is a medical necessity that helps in the diagnosis of any health problems your baby might have.

The new Babylance medical device eases the process of taking the blood from the heel of a newborn and makes it much faster and less painful for the baby. What makes this device so awesome is the fact that it’s so easy to use. It requires virtually no pressure, which means your baby won’t suffer from a bruised foot.

Older devices required such accurate positioning and heavy pressure that babies were often pricked more than once, with too much pressure, and suffered unsightly bruising.

2. Dialysis system

Patients on dialysis are familiar with the process. These lighter, more efficient machines work more quickly and are easier to maneuver. What makes this machine so awesome is that it has been completely redesigned to accommodate the average size of a registered nurse.

Originally designed for a much taller person, it was difficult for female RNs — far more numerous than male RNs — to use. This resulted in longer dialysis treatments because the machine was recalibrated with each use. New controls and moderate size has reduced wasted time. This means less manpower is needed and faster results are possible.

3. Laser eye system

The eye is such a small but vital part of the body, and laser eye surgery has become a popular form of elective surgery. The exact precision of this new machine has radically improved surgery on this very small and delicate human body part.

This machine eliminates radial tears and enables ophthalmologists to perform accurate corneal incisions on the first try. It allows laser eye surgeries to be performed at double the speed and twice the accuracy of older machines. It also boasts a diameter accuracy of .25 percent, which only 10 percent of laser surgeries could achieve in the past.

4. Cataract surgery footswitch

This machine makes it possible for doctors to concentrate on cataract surgery, and use their foot to help guide the process along. This product controls the irrigation and aspiration required to break up cataracts in cataract surgery.

With eight different controls in one small switch, this machine makes breaking up a cataract more precise and much faster. Additionally, if water leaks, this machine automatically seals all eight mechanically activated switches so no harm comes to the patient.

5. Breast biopsy machine

This medical machine will be a lifesaver, literally, for women who are in need of a breast biopsy. Breast cancer is a leading killer of women, and anything that can make diagnosing and treating cancer faster is a welcome device.

No longer is it necessary for women to undergo medical surgery to perform a biopsy. With this innovative machine, it is now done completely by machine, using heating and imagery. No longer are lengthy tests needed to complete a breast biopsy. This means women find out sooner whether they have cancer, so they can begin treatment sooner.

More information about medical devices

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