The Importance of Medical Devices for the Elderly

As an individual, there comes a time in our lives where we may find ourselves unable to get around quite as easily as we once were. Whether you have difficulty walking up and down the stairs, or walking from your car to the shopping center, you may wake up one day and realize that you require the assistance of an electric motorized chair. These types of medical assistive devices can be found in a variety of models, from scooters, power chairs, recliner chairs, and manual wheel chairs. With a variety of manufacturers of these chairs available easily at the click of a mouse, you may find it difficult finding the best manufacturer of your new electric medial assistive device. To provide some brief insight to those looking to purchase an electric chair for either themselves or a loved one, I have highlighted a few well-known manufacturers


One of the larger manufacturers of these electric motorized chairs is Invacare. This brand prides themselves on the large offering of power wheelchairs, portable chairs, folding power chairs, mid-wheel design chairs, power-base chairs, as well as a spectrum of customizable chairs. Depending on your individual budget, several models are available to you, starting with the very affordable. The Invacare P9000 XDT Power Wheelchair is very affordable. Featuring 16” and 18” widths, this base-model power electric chair is an entry-level choice with a price tag of $2,499. On the other end of the spectrum of the price range is the Invacare Pronto M94 Bariatric Power wheelchair, featuring a van seat and a price tag of $6,499. When you can’t decide on what is best for you, there are always options to seek professional advice prior to making your selection. Many surgical supply companies, such as Williams Lift Company, can provide guidance or rent out the equipment in question to you so that you can test it out.

Sunrise Medical

This is another quality manufacturer, which offerings feature a wide-range of both manual as well electric wheelchairs focusing on recovery while in medical rehab. The ‘Quickie” model of Sunrise wheelchairs is perhaps one of the most popular choices for this brand, and includes features and amenities that offers something for everything. Then there is the Quick S-636, which Offers patients the ultimate choice in Group 3 power options. It is also an affordable choice for anyone needing additional mobility while recovering. Another product by this manufacturer is the, Sports Wheelchair. Sunrise offers this very exciting high-performance wheelchair, which features high performance features in a lightweight material, making this the assistive device to turn to when you want to remain active in the outdoor lifestyle.

Pride Mobility

This manufacturer is for individuals finding they desire more choices as it relates to assistive devices. Offering a nice range of choices ranging from quick and zippy power scooters through to mobility devices that remain as active as you are. The My Go-Go Brand is just one example of the many choices offered by this manufacture, which features a compact size, high quality design, unparalleled performance, and a feather touch offering ease in loading the My Go-Go in and out of vehicles.

Whether you are seeking an electric chair, power scooters, or assistive devices primarily to help you move around with greater ease or are using the assistive devices as a true medical necessity, taking the time to research the most practical type of electric wheelchairs is the first step in ensuring your overall comfort and satisfaction with your ultimate choice. While you may find yourself prolonging the inevitable fact of needing an assistive device in order to go about your day-to-day tasks, the exciting options offered by just a few of the electric power chair manufacturers will allow you to live your life, but with just some extra assistance during the day.

The author of this article, Sarah Smith is a New Jersey native and professional blog writer who enjoys writing about topics that she has experience in and that interest her. In having elderly family members, she has much experience purchasing and renting medical equipment on her relatives behalf that ultimately, makes their lives easier and most importantly, more safe.

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