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Health Risks Associated With Low Testosterone Level and Ways of Increasing its Production



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The health and quality of human life are directly dependent upon the hormones of the human body. The more balanced and in ample supply the hormones are available, the more would a person feel healthy and enjoy a quality life. This does not mean that one never gets old; rather one stays healthy when old if the hormones are balanced and are in the required amount.

Many studies have concluded that the low level of testosterone is the major contributor in diminishing the quality of life, longevity and mobility of health as well. Therefore, the need is to increase human growth hormone and especially testosterone.

The low level of testosterone in the human body has also been associated with obesity according to several international types of research. Moreover, links have been found between low testosterone levels and high systolic blood pressure. In addition to that, the low level of testosterone has also been attributed to hypertension and diabetes.

Several other researchers have found different components of the human metabolic syndrome associated with low testosterone levels. There was a study conducted that took subjects that had a waist circumstance higher than 40inches, and thus the BMI was calculated.

The result of the research showed that all the individuals who had a WC of over 40” had a low level of testosterone and thus are considered obese. However, the reason has not yet been found whether a low level of testosterone causes obesity or its obesity that causes the level of testosterone to decline.

There are several ways in which you can maintain the right level of testosterone in your body, or even if they are in deficiency you can increase their production. Some of the major ways of increasing testosterone hormones are given below.

The first solution to increasing the level of testosterone in your body to become a high producer o fit is the High-Intensity Exercise. Such exercises are very beneficial for the body and provide the person with a boost in testosterone levels. However, the exercises are for those who start different exercises that target different muscles and tissues of the body. This way the whole body is involved in the exercise resulting in greater production of testosterone. The exercises for this purpose include overhead presses, dead-lifts, squat variations, and similar other Olympics styles of lifts. Moreover, interval training has also been found to be a great contributor to increasing the level of testosterone in the body.

Diet is another way by which you can increase the level of testosterone in your body. A diet that includes high fat, carbohydrates low to moderate from vegetables, and consumption of proteins mainly from animals can help in increasing the level of testosterone in the body.

If you are unable to increase the level of testosterone in your body, then the last option you are left with is the low-t treatment that would lead to higher production of testosterone in your body. The treatment is a medical process through which the glands that produce testosterone are triggered to increase the production of testosterone in the body thus making it reach a stable level.

Thus, to enjoy a quality and healthy life increase the level of testosterone in your body.