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HGH – Human Growth Hormone And The Results of Its Use



Hgh – human growth hormone and the results of its use

Many people turn to Growth Hormone (HGH) in hope that it will make them feel and look younger. The expert opinions of many doctors and pharmacists on the claims of using growth hormone for rejuvenation is unfounded, but more importantly, these products can be dangerous. Despite all the information so far and practical tests with this product, the people who use it enjoy the results and the effect on its intake.

Use of Somatropin (HGH)

HGH (Growth Hormone) is produced in every human organism naturally by the pituitary gland, with the most concentration at night during sleep between 22:00 to 2:30. This hormone participates in the composition and regulation of processes of a number of body functions:

  • Body fluids (discharge of excess water)
  • Muscle function and growth (anabolic effect)
  • Bone growth (increase in height)
  • Sugar and insulin levels – balance and normalization
  • Fat metabolism (weight loss)
  • Cardiac activity – regulation

Natural levels of human growth hormone in the body

Healthy men have up to 5 nanograms of growth hormone in milliliter of circulating blood and women could reach twice as much due to maternity.

Both sexes have highest content during puberty, and its decline begins in the early 20’s of age. This is not a prerequisite for necessarily taking somatropin, but it is a fact that there are benefits when injecting it subcutaneously.

Benefits and properties of human growth hormone

Growth hormone production levels decrease with age. It is widely used by artists, singers, movie stars to stop the aging process.


– Turning back the biological clock (stop aging)
– Hair growth and color regeneration (natural pigment stimulation)
– Smoothing wrinkles on face and body
– Tightening the muscles
– Normalizing blood sugar
– Strengthen the immune system
– Increasing energy
– Improving Sexual Life
– Improving sleep quality and better recovery during night
– Memory Enhancement and other thought processes
– Look years younger

Allegations have not been officially confirmed by the FDA, but the evidence suggests that growth hormone is a proven tool for these and a number of other benefits, where it is widely used around the world.

Our bodies creates growth hormones (HGH or GH only) through the pituitary gland and is responsible for cellular development as well as rejuvenation. Improving muscle mass as well as bone density is impossible without GH, but it also acts an important role in maintaining healthful structure throughout the system, such as those of your brain as well as essential body organs.

Whenever discharged from the pituitary gland, GH stays active in the blood stream for less than a couple of minutes, yet it’s sufficient for the liver to transform it directly into necessary protein human hormones, between the fact that most significant is the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) that contains numerous anabolic qualities. Researchers attempted but failed to synthesize it back in the 50s until eventually ’81. After this accomplishment, its use as doping considerably expanded.

Usage and abuse

Synthetic Human Growth Hormone was developed in 1985 and approved by the FDA for specific use in children and adults.

GH use in children:

– Turner Syndrome
– Prader-Willi syndrome
– Chronic kidney failure
– HGH deficiency

GH use in adults:

– Short bowel syndrome (improper absorption of nutrients).
– HGH deficiency due to tumors and their treatment.
– HIV / AIDS related.
– Combination with anabolic steroids for muscle building, relief and melting of fats, improving sports performance.

Growth Hormone by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0