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6 Result-Oriented Tips For Pregnant Women To Stay Healthy



Pregnancy is the time in the life of a female when she has to be more cautious of herself. She has to give extra impetus to the kind of food she ingests; the water has to be perfect and free from impurities etc. Meaning thereby, one has to be more than cautious during pregnancy than the normal routine of life. Females generally, take good nutritious food, have healthy drinks but they abstain from the exercises. It should not be the case unless you are specifically advised by the doctor to take complete bed rest.

Exercising during pregnancy should be light and subtle with no jerky movements. You should avoid weight training during pregnancy. Apart from the heavyweight exercises, there are many ways to stay fit and healthy for women during pregnancy. Not only will these exercises help you out in staying fit but it will also help in the growth of the child in the womb.

Following are the few tips to stay fit during pregnancy.

  • Walk Regularly

The best and the most effective way to stay fit is by walking regularly. The usual should be walking for half an hour to an hour and should be done regularly for six days keeping one day off for rest. But, if you do not have the energy then you should cut down on the time period to ten minutes’ walk in a day. But, preferably you should not stop your walks as it is very helpful for the baby as well. Once you pick up the pace, you can extend your walk timings gradually.

  • Find A Workout Buddy

If you have a friend who is pregnant as well, make her join you in the exercising schedule. The best way to get motivated is to exercise with a friend and if your friend is pregnant too, there is nothing like it. You both can join yoga classes together and can also go for the prenatal classes. Even if you are going alone, you can make friends with other moms-to-be in such classes. Your exercising schedule should be limited or dependent on your expectant friends. You can fix the time to meet your friends on weekends to exercise together or can take a walk together.

  • Skip The Gym

If working out in the gym does not suit you, take the option of watching some prenatal exercising videos in your homely comfort, and start your exercising schedule with them. These DVDs are fit to serve you as they gradually increase your working out schedule thus, giving you an opportunity to stay in shape even during pregnancy.

  • Record Everything

You should keep a record of your fitness and nutritional goals to keep your progress in check. It is also helpful to keep you in regular touch with your fitness schedule. You can modulate your eating and exercising habits throughout your pregnancy. It also acts as a pregnancy journal for your reference later on.

Focus on using your muscles to the maximum to avoid any pregnancy-related problems such as backaches and delivery problems. Exercising your inner muscles will help you have an easier delivery. Pilates can be considered as a strong mode to strengthen these muscles.

  • Take It Easy

You should have plenty of water during pregnancy. With your pregnancy progressing, you should not overdo exercises. It is natural to feel exhausted during pregnancy; hence, you should stop at that very moment and not stress out your body. Running is good only if the doctor prescribes you to do it during pregnancy.

As your pregnancy grows, your belly will also grow. You can use a support belt to ease your lower back pain. Ensure to wear comfortable and supportive footwear during working out and walking.