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Orthodontic Problems: Causes and How Issues Can Be Treated Early



Orthodontic problems: causes and how issues can be treated early

Today’s dentistry methods are far more advanced than treatment options offered just five years ago. Orthodontic treatment today is starting earlier in age so that children are able to develop straight teeth and have no issues with the jaw or swallowing. By treating teeth alignment and overcrowding issues early on, children are able to develop straight and healthy smiles which result in no issues in the future as an adult.

Before the permanent teeth come in, an orthodontist has the ability to help teeth erupt in the right position. It is not uncommon to see the dental arch being too small for the teeth that will be coming in to fit. In the past, a dentist would remove some permanent teeth in order for the mouth to have room for other teeth. Braces were then used to position the teeth where they needed to go.

Today, family braces Calgary has changed. With early intervention, the growing jaw of the child is used to dictate treatment. A device can be used to expand the upper dental arch which helps the adult teeth to grow in properly. When the teeth erupt, there can still be crowding. When this occurs, the orthodontist will recommend that teeth be pulled in order for proper alignment.

Early treatment may also require braces or an Invisalign treatment be used. These options will work to push teeth into the position they need to go with slight force over time. With early treatment, the orthodontist has a better ability to help the patient have straighter teeth as they age which leads to less issues with swallowing, mouth injuries and cavities among other issues in the future.

Protruding front teeth and crossbites are just two issues that can require early orthodontic care. A crossbite will cause an uneven growth of the jaws. This can mean that the top jaw is protruded out further than the bottom jaw or vice versa. This makes it difficult to chew which can lead to digestive issues. When front teeth are protruding in the mouth, it can lead to injury or fracturing when a fall or other incident occurs. It is best to have such issues treated early on so that the teeth can be straight as permanent ones come in.

Overall, children should be visiting the dentist once teeth begin to come in. Over time, the dentist can then recommend orthodontic care based on how your child’s teeth have grown. This way, you can take early preparations to ensure that your child’s teeth will be straight and not subject to injury, chewing or swallowing issues as well as other complaints.

Even as adults, there are options for orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth for a quality smile or to eliminate teeth or mouth issues. Starting early is better for minimal treatment needs, but even adults have the option to change the alignment of teeth for overall better mouth health as well as comfortable chewing and swallowing. Contact an orthodontist today for a consultation to find out what treatments are available for your dental needs.