Stay Fit On Holiday: 5 Ways To Have An Active Holiday


Instead of your usual beach holiday this year, why not consider something different? An activity holiday is the perfect way for you to stay fit, try something new, and perhaps have a truly extraordinary experience.

With that in mind, here are five suggestions for a holiday of a lifetime.

Running in Portugal
A running holiday is not only for ultra-fit athletes. There are suitable running breaks for everyone, and many like to opt for a warmer climate.

Running breaks typically last for up to a week. They may be general running holidays, geared towards a specific event, or may include an organised race. The itinerary usually includes two daily runs, perhaps with some cross-training included. On arrival, staff will take a full fitness history, discuss your goals and aspirations, and perhaps set achievable targets.

Accommodation and food is provided, and you can book as an individual or with others.

Cycling in the Alps
Again, there are cycling holidays to appeal to every kind of rider, and the Alps is an ideal location, as you have the added benefit of beautiful scenery to accompany your rides. Your holiday could be for enjoyment, to improve your performance (just imagine the hill climbs!), or take in a special event such as a road race. A typical week includes daily guided rides, and all equipment is provided and maintained (although you can take your own bike if you prefer). As well as amazing scenery, the Alps also tend to offer wonderful accommodation and delicious food.

Multi-adventure activities in Wales
Adventure breaks are usually seen as the preserve of school residential visits but many of these adventure centres are also open to the public. They offer an unbelievable range of activities, including: white water rafting, coasteering, sea kayaking, kite surfing, high ropes, quad biking, surfing and much more. You can put your own itinerary together to enjoy your favourite activities or have a go at something new.

These centres usually offer a complete package, with fully qualified instructors and equipment. Accommodation is relatively basic, and food is delicious and filling, but not haute cuisine. If you want to try an activity that needs specialist equipment or supervision, this is the ideal way to start.


Geocaching in Spain
Combine modern technology with good old-fashioned hiking with a geocaching holiday. This worldwide activity involves using GPS and online clues to locate containers hidden in various locations. You can sign logbooks, record your visit online, and even collect souvenirs which can be tracked on the official geocaching website. And you will be hiking through some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere in the world.

Over the week you will be introduced to geocaching, locate and visit different caches, and log your finds online, whilst enjoying the local environment and cuisine. Accommodation and food are provided, including any packed lunches needed when out and about.

Dog-sledding in the Yukon
For an adventure of a lifetime, why not try your hand at dog-sledding across the frozen wastes of the Yukon? Naturally this holiday is seasonal, running between November and April, and you need a reasonable level of basic fitness. Beginners can learn the ropes of this challenging sport, or those with more experience can take a longer break, with the chance to explore off the beaten track and even camp deep in the frozen wilderness.

Over the week you will be introduced to the equipment, and learn how to set everything up. And of course you will get to know the dogs too. Then you can take off on guided treks along the sledding trails, enjoying the remote landscape and amazing wildlife.

There is a wealth of different activity holidays to choose from that will help you to stay fit and active when on holiday. Naturally, it’s important to check that you are booking with a reputable company, so remember to check the fine print carefully. It’s also worth remembering that you will probably need to make your own travel arrangements to and from your holiday. But there is no doubt that with a little preparation, you can have a great time, make new friends and maybe even start an entirely new hobby.


This post is brought to you by health fanatic Ed, Ed is a travel blogger and loves to holiday in Europe.


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