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Getting Fit and Staying Fit – a DIY Weight Loss Program



Getting fit and staying fit – a diy weight loss program

A lot of people make New Year resolutions. These promises to self cover a lot of changes, such as making new friends, dropping bad habits, picking up good ones and adopting a new lifestyle. If you resolved to shed a few pounds or to stick to a number on the scale this year, you have made an admirable resolution and deserve all the help you can get. This step by step guide will help you create a personalized weight loss program.

Self Assessment

Self assessment basically involves knowing your current weight and determining if you actually need to lose some. To assess your current weight, you will need to find out your body mass index (BMI). Your BMI result will tell you if you are underweight and need to add weight, if you are okay and don’t need to lose weight and if you are overweight or obese.

You will also need to calculate your waist to hip ratio (WHR) to determine whether the distribution of fat in your body should be a source of health concern. There are several tools on the internet that you can use to quickly and accurately calculate and interpret your BMI and WHR.

Goal setting

Once you have decided that you actually need to shed some pounds, it is a good idea to make some goal points. This will help you know if your weight loss program is effective. It is important that you set realistic and achievable goals. The easiest way to do this is to fix a certain amount of weight to lose by a specific date. For example, lose 10kg by the 30th of February.

It is vital that you need a self assessment before setting your goals as a self assessment will help you determine what needs to be done.

Diet Plan

There are lots of diet programs on the internet that claim to hold the key to dramatic weight loss. The truth is that there is no one single diet solution to a permanent and healthy weight loss. Some people respond better to certain foods and some people don’t. But it goes without saying that to successfully meet your weight loss goals, you have to modify your diet. Simply reducing your calorie intake by 5% can cause a significant difference in your weight loss results in the long term.

Workout Plan

Planning the right workout regime for your weight loss program is important as planning the right diet. Whether you put on more weight or loss it is directly tied to the amount of energy you take in as food and the amount of energy your body uses up every day. There are different types of workout system you can adopt depending on your current physical health. If you are not cut out for heavy workout, you can try taking long walks or dancing. There are natural weight losses and muscle gaining health supplements you can take that combined with your diet and workout plan will produce results faster.


It is vital that you pay close attention to the progress of your weight loss plan. This is where your goals come in. if you gave yourself a weight loss target for a specific date, you need to check that you have met, or come close to your target by that date.

However, monitoring your progress every day is not a good idea as the changes may not be readily visible and this can be discouraging. Check it weekly or once every two weeks instead. You will get more motivated when you see how much you have shed within that period.


It is necessary that once in a while, you take a reassessment of your weight loss program to see what is working and what is not. It can be a good idea to discuss your program with your doctor or a fitness coach so that you can find out if there are areas you need to go slow on or improve upon.

Keeping fit

The success of your weight loss program is not only in meeting your goals, but in maintaining them. Maintaining to a particular weight level can be as hard as getting there. This means that you cannot rest on your oars or go back to your former lifestyle. You will need the same amount of dedication and commitment it took you to arrive at your current weight to maintain it.