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How to Include Protein Powder Into Your Daily Eating Plan



Protein is something every person needs to consume on a daily basis. It helps keep the body healthy and it helps support healthy muscle growth. If you want to get more protein without eating a bunch of food, protein powders are excellent choices. These can easily be incorporated into your daily diet without much effort at all!

1. Make Smoothies

Smoothies are great to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dessert and they can easily provide you with protein. All you have to do is mix your smoothie as desired, but add in a couple of scoops of your favorite powder before blending. Since there are so many different flavors of protein available there are endless smoothie recipes you can make. From cookies and cream shakes to strawberry and banana smoothies; you can create whatever you can imagine!

A lot of people use smoothies with protein powder as their meal replacements in the morning, but you can choose to drink it whenever you want. These are easy to make and there are a lot of different recipes online you can try out. As long as you have a blender you can create a lot of delicious drinks that will taste sinful but be actually good for you! Incorporating smoothies into your daily routine is a great way to get that extra protein.

2. Make Brownies!

Yes, brownies can be made with protein powder, so why not bake? There are a lot of recipes online for protein powder brownies that taste absolutely great! All you need is the chocolate protein powder of your choice and the rest of the ingredients that are necessary. These are healthier than typical brownies and won’t ruin your diet, so they are great for anyone to enjoy. Even kids can eat protein brownies without knowing they are good for them.

3. Grab a Blending Bottle

If you are constantly on-the-go and don’t know when you will be able to drink your protein shake, don’t worry. All you need to do is buy a blending bottle, which can be found at most health stores, and scoop some protein inside of it. Take this with you and whenever you are ready to drink it, just add water or milk and shake. This makes it really easy to get your protein without having to lug around the big container of it that you probably have at home. You can even bring this to the gym so you can enjoy it before and after working out.

4. Make Fun Snacks

Brownies aren’t the only protein-filled snacks you can enjoy. You can also find recipes for things like pudding, muffins, pancakes, cakes, fudge, and yogurt that all incorporate protein powder into them. Since there are so many options you will never run out of ways to creatively use your protein powder.


– Don’t be scared to try different flavors of protein powder. Cake batter, cookies, and cream, blueberry, peanut butter, etc., are only some of the great flavors that have recently been developed.

– Choose the type of protein powder you want, there are many different options you will find when shopping. Whether you choose whey or casein there are recipes for the protein you end up with!