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7 Benefits of Drinking a Lot of Water



7 benefits of drinking a lot of water

It is common knowledge that drinking a lot of water contributes to overall health, but could it result in you getting better online life insurance quotes? Well, believe it or not, it can! This theory is not so farfetched. After all, water makes you healthier, and a healthy individual qualifies for better rates. Most know of a few reasons to drink water, but few are aware of just how many benefits H2O offers.

Functions of Water

Before exploring the benefits of drinking clean water, perhaps you want to become educated on what exactly water does when it enters your system. The human body is made up of 55 to 78 percent water. Even your brain is 90 percent water. Its responsibilities include:

    • Transport oxygen and nutrients to cells
    • Help with metabolism
    • Detoxify the system
    • Moisturize and protect joints
    • Regulate body temperatures
    • Increase nutrient absorption by organs


  • Protect important organs
  • Moisturize air entering the lungs

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1. Weight Loss – If you are overweight and have requested online life insurance quotes and were not happy with the results, drinking water can help. It can make losing weight a lot easier. When your body breaks down fat, water flushes these by-products away, so they don’t take up residence on your hips or your waist. Not to mention, water is an appetite suppressant and helps you to feel full, so you don’t overeat. Quite often, this is mistaken for hunger.

2. Better Workout – Do you feel yourself getting sluggish during your workout or slowing down on your walk? You may think that your body is tired, but it might just be thirsty. Understand that dehydration depletes the muscles, which can cause cramping and fatigue. Staying hydrated throughout your workout will help you exercise longer and harder.

3. Temperature Control – Although this can also tie in with exercise, temperature control is a significant benefit any time that you are hot, not just while you exercise. You could be working on the line or weeding your garden; drinking water will help to keep your body temperature cooler, so you are more comfortable, and don’t get overheated.

4. Digestion – Not only does drinking water help speed up your metabolism, but it also promotes healthy digestion. Also, water and fiber work harmoniously together, so drinking a lot of water will help reduce the risk of constipation.

5. Immune System – Yes, drinking water directly makes you a healthier person by improving your immune system. When your system is hydrated, viruses, bacteria, and germs have a harder time attaching themselves to your mucous membranes or making themselves at home in your system. Water can help fight against heart attack, kidney stones, the common cold, flu, and many other conditions. Studies even show that healthy water consumption can reduce the risk of bladder cancer.

6. Fewer Injuries – Proper hydration gives you healthy muscles, joints, and ligaments, which reduces your risk for strains and sprains.

7. Skin and Hair – Although having healthy-looking skin and hair are not going to earn you lower online life insurance quotes, it certainly does not hurt. Toxins in your system are expelled through the pores in your skin, as well as being excreted the traditional way. When you drink enough water, the toxins can be discharged through urine, so there is less that goes through your skin pores. Also, if you don’t drink enough water, there isn’t enough leftover for your hair and nails. Your vital organs use the majority of your water first. Then, muscles need to be hydrated, etc. Your hair and nails get what is left if any. By drinking a lot of water, you ensure that there is enough to keep your nails healthy and hair shiny.