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4 Reasons You Should Always Filter Your Drinking Water



Most of us all know the rule – 8 glasses per day, seven days per week. Yes, that is technically how much water a human being should consume daily to reach a “healthy” level.

But that feat is a tough one for many of us, and there are people out there who plain don’t like the taste of water. The fact is, though, that it’s critical to the proper functioning of all of our bodily systems as human beings – but if you’re one of the many people striving for those eight glasses per day, do you know if you’re drinking the right kind of water?

Tap water may not be the best way to go when your goal is to be healthier by drinking more water – and here are just four reasons why you should think twice before drinking unfiltered water.

Filters Will Remove Chlorine

In many instances, chlorine is added to regular drinking water from the tap to disinfect it. One downside to this is that most people can taste the chlorine in the water itself – and it’s not exactly the most pleasant thing to ever hit your taste buds.

The chlorine is just one of many concerns – with the increases in technology in the agricultural sphere, tons of chemicals manage to seep their way into our drinking water supply. Filtering your tap water before you consume can help remove all of these toxins, not just chlorine.

Decrease Health Risks

The presence of chlorine in your drinking water will not only taste a little funky when you drink it straight from the tap, but it can also cause a plethora of health issues when ingested in large quantities.

By filtering your water and removing the presence of any chlorine, you are decreasing your risk of many cancers in particular, including instances of rectal, colon, and bladder cancers. While some small traces of chlorine are necessary in our drinking water for removing potentially harmful bacteria and forms of diseases that may travel in water, a filter will remove just the right amounts of the chemical. You’ll know that you’re drinking water in its absolute purest, cleanest form.

Good For the Kids

It’s essential to a child’s growth to have clean drinking water to ensure that their digestive system develops to its fullest potential.

A child’s immune system is not nearly as secure as an adult’s, so they are incapable of fending off some of the bacteria and water-borne diseases that may still inhabit your water. It’s essential to give children a chance to build up their immune systems and fully develop their digestive tracts to be able to defend against these harmful contaminants in the future. To do that, they need access to clean, filtered water in the meantime.

Save Money on Bottled Water

Why filter your water? Well, the bottom line is that filtered water tastes better, and it’s easier for most people to drink the proper amount throughout the day if it tastes better than plain old tap water.

That said, many families opt for purchasing bottled water in large quantities. You’ll not only save on environmental resources by eliminating the need for bottled water by having a water filter in your home, but you’ll also save some significant money. A good water filter will cost you anywhere from about $30-$100, but an initial investment will go a long way with a water filter, and you get what you pay for.