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Preventing Injuries and Health Issues Due To Spending Long Hours on Computers



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As we all know, computers have become the source of income for several people today. Most of the companies want you to work for long hours on the computer, and this might create severe health-related problems. Its powerful electromagnetic radiations lead to cataracts or miscarriages. However, there are certain preventive measures that you can follow to avoid being affected by the radiation of a computer.

Guidelines to follow while working on computers:

Good posture:

It might sound quite amazing that your poor posture while working on computers is one of the primary reasons for being affected. To maintain a good position, you’ll need to adjust your chair and the height of the computer.

Adjust your chair, such that it supports your back, and make sure that your hips and knees are equal in level. Besides, you will also need to put your feet flat on the floor. You could adjust the computer screen, such that your eyes are on a level with your computer. In this way, a good posture can minimize the harmful effects of a computer.


The light from the computer screens easily strains your eyes. So, anti-glares are built in most of the LCD monitors to protect your eyes from the reflections of your computer screen. Make sure that you do not wipe your computer screen with liquids because this may dissolve the chemicals used to build the anti-glare. Adjust your computer screen such that its window doesn’t bounce the light directly towards your face. Besides, you could blink your eyes frequently to protect your eyes from the reflections of the computer screen.

Exercise and Rest:

It is suggested to take a break frequently by stretching your legs and walking around. This effectively reduces the straining of your eyes and prevents being affected by diseases like cataracts. You need to ensure that the effect of your 8 hours of work is not detrimental to your health in the long run. So, by following a few measures, you can prevent being affected by the radiation and reflections of the computer.

General health-related injuries:

Stiff neck and neck pain are common complaints, which we generally find in people who work for long hours on computers. In general, most of the people use gel, balms, and pain relief sprays to get relieved from pain. However, you’ll need to remember that these are temporary solutions for such problems, and they continue to remain untreated. For this reason, you’ll need to follow some regular exercises, which would quickly and effectively cure stiff neck and neck pain.

  • You could stand straight and tilt your head backward according to your flexibility. Turn your neck in a circular motion, as this improves the blood circulation and reduces neck pain.
  • You could move your head front and back several times, as this effectively cures stiff neck.
  • Turn your hip around from left to right as well as from right to left. This would relieve you from stress effectively.
  • Breathing exercise is one of the best solutions to avoid stress.
  • You could move your eyelid in all the four directions, as this reduces your eye strain effectively. Besides, this improves one’s vision too.

You will need to drink a lot of water if you are working on computers for long hours. This relieves you from stress and refreshes your mind. You can also minimize the side effects of a computer by including swimming and cycling in your daily routine. Last but not least, you’ll need to have sufficient sleep of 7 hours daily. All these measures are quite simple to practice, and they give extraordinary results!