Top 6 Ways to Soothe Your Sore Neck Muscles and Stiff Neck

6 Tips on How to Ease a Stiff Neck

1. Try Out a Heating Pad for a Stiff Neck

Heating pads are a great way to bring relief to your sore, stiff neck. Place the heating pad on a flat surface like a couch, a bed or even the floor and then lie down so that your neck is touching it. Keep it on your neck for about five minutes, and then remove it for ten minutes. Repeat this process a couple times. If you do not have a heating pad a hot water bottle is a great alternative choice.

2. Give an Ice Pack a Try

Ice can also give relief to an aching stiff neck. Simply take your ice pack out of the freezer and wrap it in a small towel and then place it on a flat surface like a couch, a bed or the floor and lie down so your neck is touching it. Just like a heating pad, you will want to keep it on your neck for around give minutes and then give your neck ten minutes without it. You can repeat this process as well. If you do not have an ice pack you can freeze a wet washcloth and use that instead.

3. Use BENGAY to Soothe Your Stiff Neck

There are many over the counter and prescription products that can soothe your neck if it is hurting. BENGAY is an extremely effective product for many people and it is not terribly expensive. It is also available without a prescription, so it may be worth trying it out. BIOFREEZE is another product that many chiropractors use that is well known for its deep muscle-penetrating properties.

4. Taking a Hot Shower Will Ease Stiff Neck Muscles

If you take a warm or hot shower, even if you do not have a massaging shower head, your stiff neck will still get some relief from the soothing sensation of the water on the back of your neck. Be sure to keep your neck as straight as you can while you are taking the shower and be careful not to turn your neck at all.

5. Do a Few Neck Muscle Exercises

This may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but slow and gentle neck muscle exercises can actually help you to get relief from sore, painful, stiff neck muscles. One great technique is to rotate your neck around in a half circle, dipping your chin from one shoulder down towards your chest and then back up to the other shoulder. Do this a few times to stretch your muscles out.

6. Create a Homemade Neck Brace For Severe Stiff Neck Pain

For extremely severe neck pain you can create a homemade neck brace to stabilize your neck. Simply take a bath towel and roll it up tightly. Then place the towel around your neck with the bottom of your skull just touching the top of your towel. This will work best if you are seated, so be sure to find a comfortable place to sit in for a while. If the pain does not improve or gets worse, be sure to contact a medical professional for help.

Stiff Neck Remedies Tutorial Video

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