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Great Gifts for Keto Pals – The Only Guide You’ll Need



Great gifts for keto pals – the only guide you’ll need

For many of us that follow a keto diet, it’s so much more than just a list of food you should (or shouldn’t) be eating.  On the contrary, a diet like keto represents a real change in lifestyle. I don’t feel like I’m “dieting”—instead, I’m living a keto life! I’m sure you know what a keto diet is, so let’s directly jump into our awesome tips!

Over the years, I’ve gotten some fantastic gifts related to my keto lifestyle, and I like to think I’ve given some great ones too.  I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites to serve as a quick gift giving guide for the keto loving pals in your life.  (And maybe you’ll find a few things you’d just like for yourself!).  Anyone who’s into keto, low carb, or just generally living healthier can appreciate these gifts!

In this amazing guide, I’ll go through a few keto gift ideas, some of which I’ve personally tested myself. I’ve taken some of them from, so don’t forget to check the site after reading this article!

A Great Keto Cookbook

Even your non-keto-following friends might love to take a peek at the keto lifestyle through a quality cookbook—especially if they have a culinary bent.  A keto cookbook comes in handy whether you want one just to cook for your own household, want to explore some truly unique recipes, feel like doing a temporary low-carb post holiday diet, or for any of a myriad of other reasons.

You can also look for a keto inspired cookbook that also suits another one of your friend’s interests. Do they love to bake? Look for a desert-oriented cookbook.  Love ethnic foods? Find a keto cookbook that celebrates international foods or a particular culture! Just a brief glimpse at what Amazon has on offer should inspire you! There are keto cookbooks for slow cooker meals, instant pot meals, keto essentials, quick meals, gourmet meals—if you can dream it up, there’s a keto cookbook for it!

Box Subscriptions

2017 brought with it an explosion of “box” subscriptions. From Loot Crate to Bark Box, there seems to be a subscription box for anything your little heart desires—and keto is no exception. In fact, there’s even a range of options!

  • KetoKrate is very snack-food oriented—each box comes packed to the brim with a selection of high end, often locally produced keto treats. If your gift recipient is always on the go or just needs to be prompted to spoil themselves a bit more, this is a great gift.
  • Health Nut Jerky Box Not all jerky is keto friendly, but this subscription box keeps it real! You don’t have to be into keto to love jerky, but you’d be hard pressed to find a keto dieter that doesn’t love this salty, savory, protein rich treat!
  • The Keto Box is another very snack-centric choice. This subscription is well-known for being extra generous with both the quantity and quality of the included treats.
  • Keto Delivered is wonderful because it’s focused on true artisan goodies. Small batches of gourmet foods and condiments are the major draw here. In the process of finding some delightful new products and snacks, you’ll also be supporting small businesses.

All of these options are super convenient and a wonderful choice as a gift.  Plus, they all make sure to include more than the retail price of the box in value—so it’s thrifty, too!


A spiralizer is a great gift for anyone who loves to cook—not just keto enthusiasts! But they are particularly helpful for keto dieters, because they offer up an alternative to carb heavy pasta.  With a spiralizer, your keto friends can kick the carbs in favor of some fiber rich veggies cut into “noodles.” It’s a wonderful way to fulfill comfort food cravings like spaghetic The Zoodle Slicer is one option, but there are plenty of others at a variety of price points, too.  Kuhn Rikon makes a very straightforward julienne peeler. GEFU’s Spiralfix Spiral Cutter has some extra features, and is a bit higher end in terms of price.

Single Serving Convenience Blenders

Living la vida keto often means cooking in very small batches. Whether it’s to make a single serving dessert that fits your macros, or opting for a protein rich shake to get your gains in, having a single serve convenience blender is a big plus.  Something like the Nutri Ninja or the Magic Bullet can make adding variety to one’s keto diet a breeze!

Cast Iron Pan

Keto diets are meat-heavy out of necessity, and there’s nothing better for cooking a delicious steak or a perfectly seasoned chicken breast than a cast iron pan! You can choose one that’s pre-seasoned (a good idea, especially if the giftee is unfamiliar with using cast iron.  There are also some great accessories for cast iron, like silicone handle covers to protect careless hands. Cast Iron Conditioner is another nice add-on for the cast iron inexperienced.  A cared for cast iron pan can last a lifetime—who knows, you might just end up choosing a family heirloom!

Immersion Blender

While a single serve bullet blender is aces for making a keto smoothie, sometimes you have a whole mixing bowl of blending to do to make your favorite keto dish.  When it comes to whipping up a wonderful butternut squash soup, or a fluffy bowl of mashed cauliflower, there’s nothing more convenient to have on hand than an immersion blender like this one from Cuisinart!


Many keto beginners are turned off of the lifestyle because they imagine that it’s much more expensive than a more traditional carb heavy diet. After all, all of that meat and produce starts to add up! But with careful grocery and budget planning, eating keto doesn’t have to be more expensive than not. In fact, you can be downright frugal when it comes to a ketogenic diet! One way to pinch pennies is to buy in bulk when there’s a good deal.  Of course, buying in bulk means being able to efficiently. A Foodsaver can make storing that giant pork loin in reasonable portion sizes super simple.  Plus, its rapid marinating mode is a godsend for those of us whose meals tend to revolve around meat! Forgot to marinate those chops? No biggie, because you only need two minutes, not four hours.

Herb Keeper

The Herb Keeper is another superb choice for your thrifty keto friends. Fresh herbs can make all the difference in a meal.  And if there’s anything everyone that loves keto knows, it’s that crafting a satisfying keto meal relies quite a bit on finding that perfect blend of seasonings.  Not everyone has time to pop down to the market every other day to keep their supply of fresh basil, thyme, or oregano stocked. But with this handy little tool (which fits neatly in most fridge doors), those fresh herbs you picked up last Friday will last up to two whole weeks!

A Personalized Gift Basket

When even Redditors are talking about it, you know that something is hot and popular! With a personalized gift basket, you can hit some personal notes. Maybe you have a favorite reduced sugar juice you keep on auto order, and you’d love to share, or perhaps there’s a certain brand of low carb wraps that your friend has trouble finding at their local market.  You can also treats that you know your friend already loves, or even whip up a batch of your own personal favorite snacks.  For one friend, you might focus on portable snacks that are easy to toss into a lunchbox or briefcase, while for another you might choose some lesser known ingredients to spark their culinary curiosity.  You can also load a gift basket up with staples you know your friend can’t do without, like coconut oil or ghee.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to build a gift basket is to choose a favorite recipe or two and gather all of the non-perishable ingredients for that recipe.  Then, after arranging the ingredients in an attractive basket, you can print out or even hand write the recipe and place it front and center in the basket.  I’ve done this myself with mug cake recipes (single serving cakes “baked” in a mug in the microwave).  Of course, you probably don’t want to try putting an egg or a pat of butter in a basket, but most of the ingredients are perfectly suited for a gift basket route—you can even include a cute coffee mug! You can package the dry ingredients separately, or you can even measure everything into a container (or several) with everything you need for an individual serving. Write out what needs to be added and how to prepare, and voila! A wonderful homemade gift that your friend will love.


I hope this list of nine great keto-inspired gift ideas helps every reader find that special something for their keto loving special someones! Keto diets are perfect for everyone, even for bodybuilders (check this bodybuilders forum).

From books to boxes, from slicers to snacks, there are so many wonderful options out there that can demonstrate that you support your friend’s health, happiness, and keto lifestyle! Some of these gifts are simple and don’t require much time investment, others may require a bit more planning and effort, but they all have one thing in common: they’re super thoughtful.