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How To Get Your Kids Drinking Water



Your kids are continuously on the go, from the moment they wake up until you finally manage to get them to fall asleep at night. With all this activity it is hard to ensure they eat enough of the right foods and drink enough water. The average person needs to drink two liters of water a day. However, active growing children need more, as they are still growing.

However, the most common problem that parents face is the simple fact that water is plain and boring compared to a fizzy Coca-Cola or even a sweet fruit juice. So how do you get your children to get drink enough water, without shoving a hose into their mouths and switching the tap on full blast?

Tip Number One – Freeze It

Children love crunchy things, so keep the cool drink out of the fridge. This way if your child wants cold juice, then the ice will provide the extra bit of water and also ensure your child drinks less juice. Another way is to make frozen ice lollies. An ice lolly is easy to make, all you need is to mix water and juice and place it in an ice lolly tray and then let them suck on these throughout the day.

A further suggestion is to freeze the actual juice and put the juice ice blocks in water, this way your child will get the flavor of the juice but will drink more water.

Tip Number Two – Be A Role Model

Your child will mimic your actions, therefore one could go as far as to say, your child is what you eat and drink. Ensure that you set a good example, by drinking water throughout the day and making a point of enjoying it. Encourage your child to have a glass of water with you and keep on expressing the wonderful taste and advantage of drinking water.

Tip Number Three – Buy Fun Shaped Water Bottles

A child is more likely going to enjoy a bottle if they see it as fun to use. In the same way, you will play a computer game or sport that you perceive as fun, your child does as well. Next time you at the shops and looking for new water bottles (remember to change them regularly, as the bio chemical’s in the plastic are hazardous to your health) let your child pick out a ‘cool’ bottle – perhaps one with their favorite cartoon character or sports star.

Remember to be encouraging, but also limit your child’s juice and fizzy drinks quota for the day. Tell them they are allowed one glass of juice a day and they will quickly learn to savor it. However, if your routine changes (on holiday), ensure that your child realizes this is a treat and not an everyday occurrence.