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Foods That Are Proven to Burn Body Fat



Foods that are proven to burn body fat

There are certain food products that won’t give you extra pounds. These same foods, thanks to some specific properties, will even burn excess body fat. More and more studies show that consuming these foods is one of the most effective and lasting ways to reduce and regulate weight.


Studies have shown that regular consumption of half a grapefruit or 150 grams of fruit juice during each meal can reduce your weight by up to 4 pounds during a period of 2 weeks. Grapefruits reduce insulin levels and the desire to eat. Naturally, the less we eat the fewer calories our bodies accumulate and that’s how we lose weight.

If you do not like grapefruits, you can mix the juice with orange or lemon juice, which will further enhance your immune system.

Green tea

This plant has been shown to prevent the formation of cancer cells, cardiovascular diseases (science is still looking for evidence), but as well has a favorable effect on metabolism in the body.

It is believed that drinking 5 cups of green tea can be burn 70-80 calories.

Spicy food

Do you like spicy food? This may be new to some, but hot spices help melt fats, causing sweating and increasing heart rate, which speeds up metabolism. But eating spicy potato chips will not get rid you of those extra pounds.


If you take less amounts of water, it will be very difficult for you to lose weight. The shortage of water in the body can slow down metabolism, reduce blood glucose levels, lead to tiredness, and can cause headaches.


Research has shown that a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon taken with food helps in absorbing of sugar more efficiently and thus reducing blood sugar levels. It can be a great substitute to refined sugar because of its natural sweet taste.

Protein rich foods

Proteins are an important basis for muscle mass formation, and as we know, the more muscle the body has, the more fat it can burn – even in a state of rest. Even more, we burn more calories for the absorption of proteins than for fat and carbohydrates. The best meat sources of protein are white chicken and turkey meat, fish. The plants with most proteins are lentils, chia seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina, nuts and beans.