Protein Shakes Are Not Just For Bodybuilders

When asked the question “Who uses protein shakes?” the most common answer that comes to mind is bodybuilders. This opinion is often formed after seeing a fairly muscular guy glugging down a protein shake after their workout, using the google definition of a protein powder or coming across an advert for a protein powder supplement that looks a little something like this.

However contrary to wide public beliefs protein shakes are not only used by bodybuilders. This article will prove this and will surprise you with the number of different types of people that use protein shakes that aren’t 300lb muscular guys.

Although protein powders are commonly associated with the younger generation it may come as a shock when I say that many old people are regular users of protein supplements. With old age comes the demand for a greater upkeep of the body. Problems such as muscle degeneration increase with age so it becomes highly essential to ensure that your body is receiving a steady income of protein throughout each day in order to stay ahead of it.

Protein shakes are often used as they are a quick and effective way of getting protein into the body without the hassle of cooking up a high protein meal every few hours which those with age related problems may not have the time or energy for.

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Other problems related to old age, for example depression, make protein shakes a great use to the older generation. This is because depression may suppress a persons appetite for whole foods so protein shakes become the ideal option as you can get the nutrients you need even when you do not feel hungry.

Protein powders are also regularly used by those undergoing chemotherapy. When having chemotherapy many cells are killed by the treatment and this causes there to be a high protein turnover as cells are continuously being destroyed by the treatment and rebuilt by the body. Protein shakes are often the best method of delivering protein to the body for people having chemotherapy as often  they will not have the energy to consume all the solid meals that they would require. Protein shakes require little energy to consume as they can be mixed with water, making them much easier to take. Another feature that makes them a good option is that they are cheaper than the equivalent of the whole foods that would need to be eaten in order to get the same amount of protein.

People who find it difficult to chew and digest proteins found in meat or vegetables due to problems  such as dental decay are some of the most popular users of protein shakes and supplements. Protein shakes are much easier for the digestive system to handle and this is why they are a popular choice for those with digestive problems. They can easily be mixed with liquids which removes the problem of tough foods, that are a hassle to digest. Protein shakes are also great for those with digestive problems as when they are mixed with water they are more readily absorbed by cells.

The main purpose of protein is for growth and repair and this is the reason that people suffering from broken bones or something such as a muscle tear use protein shakes. Protein powders come in many different types, but there are two types that are mainly those with an injury. These two types are casein protein and concentrated proteins, they are used as they are slow-releasing meaning that the body can receive a constant and steady supply of protein throughout each day.

Individuals with immune problems are also popular uses of protein powders. Specific protein powders exist that have been purposely developed to enhance the immune system. These sorts of powders have helped numerous people build a stronger immune system that has helped prevent them becoming ill. Many of these types of protein powders work by promoting the production of Glutathione (GSH) which is known for its immune-boosting properties.

So there it is, solid proof that protein powders are not just for bodybuilders. The benefits of protein shakes branch out way past the gym doors and to a number of different types of people with various different needs.

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