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Primary Purpose of a Luxury Addiction Recovery Center



Primary purpose of a luxury addiction recovery center

The vast majority of licensed drug and alcohol treatment centers are staffed by exceptional medical, counselling, and mentoring professionals. Quality care on a person-to-person basis is not usually determined by the amenities offered at a recovery center. Instead, it is the dedication of workers who understand the struggles of addiction and the desperation of patients seeking help, which makes the facility a success.

An important consideration in the realm of recovery however, must be mentioned when comparing and contrasting facilities and programs. The aim of any person recovering from an addiction is to return to their normal life as transformed individual. This desire is blind to economic circumstances, public profiles, legal histories, and personality types. Considering the environment in which a recovering addict is preparing to return, can be very important in the process. This is the primary purpose of a luxury recovery center setting.

Who Might Benefit From Luxury Addiction Treatment

First, the term “luxury treatment” never refers to the use of exclusive, or esoterically-based protocols. All established modes of recovery are successful when matched with a person who responds well to a given program. It has nothing to do with certain people being more worthy of achieving sobriety, and certainly should not imply greater and lesser consequences to letting an addiction continue untreated.

In reality, the devastation to life and relationships that addiction can cause knows no boundaries. Some addicts who are established in high-profile careers and public positions need an extra layer of security during their recovery processes. Other individuals have known only a high-end lifestyle, and truly want to return to it. For these people, mainstream recovery centers might not be the best option. Though these facilities can be exceptional in their success at treating addicts, the environmental conditions would be a hindrance.

Luxury recovery centers like The Dunes East Hampton Recovery Center offer residential, inpatient, outpatient, and post-recovery counselling in a serene, private, and executive style environment. Not only is this type of setting important for maintaining a personal lifestyle ideal, but it guarantees a high degree of security and discretion.

Keep in mind that addiction affects all types of people. Consider the implications of addiction on executives. Doctors work with many different people. Their ability to function well and relate to patients is paramount to their livelihoods, and the patient’s well-being. A mainstream recovery program cannot provide adequate space for a recovering doctor to maintain healthy doctor/patient relationships.

Corporate executives sometimes have to enter recovery programs by order of a private company board. Without any legal implications, it is hard to justify checking into a recovery center that is geared toward people who are fighting addiction and the justice system.

Another group needing luxury recovery settings are retirees. These special folks have the financial means, time, and desire to perhaps solve a lifetime of addiction problems. A luxury recovery center helps them avoid the physical demands of negotiating mainstream facilities.

What Are The Elements Separating Mainstream And Luxury Recovery Centers.

The medical, scientific, philosophical approach, and program details of both common and luxury centers can be almost identical. Luxury centers however, have the human and physical resources to offer these things in a more concentrated and personally-tailored manner. The staff-to-patient ratio at luxury retreats can be as high as 3:1. Common facilities put multiple patients under the care of a single counsellor.

In common facilities, a recovery program might verbally recommend that a patient “take time to explore a higher power,” whereas a luxury center can provide private grounds in a natural setting to practice spirituality concepts, meditation, and absolutely serene self-reflection. Exclusive centers will also provide things like gyms and instructors for learning relaxation techniques such as yoga. They can even provide home-like quarters for people who have physical conditions. After all, addiction is difficult enough without having to manage body pain and inconveniences that create dangers from non-addiction stress.

Most importantly, the staff coordinators and practitioners at luxury centers truly fashion recovery programs to the unique preferences, talents, and backgrounds of each patient. When it comes to doctors, lawyers, executives, retirees, and other professionals, meeting them on an elevated cognitive and social level is sometimes best for building a strong recovery plan.

There Are No Class Distinctions In Addiction Recovery

In no way should luxury recovery centers be considered available only to an “upper class” of society. The need for exclusivity in a recovery program is predicated on the desire for added degrees of professional and environmental facets that increase the speed and efficacy of a recovery program. These special facilities are as such because they have dedicated the resources to offering a more complete and self-contained experience for people extremely serious about beating addiction, and returning to a specific way of living.