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Building Stronger Lungs for Improved Stamina and Performance



Athletes often use resistance to build muscles in their arms, legs, and abs. The O2 Trainer, developed by Bas Rutten, famed MMA Champion, and on-screen personality, uses resistance to build muscles in and around the lungs.  This simple yet effective device trains inhalation muscles improves physical performance and increases lung capacity and endurance.  Other lung training devices are only recommended for use during rest periods, but the O2 Trainer allows a user to choose a setting and place the trainer in the mouth during a workout or conditioning activity.

“But,” warns Rutten, “don’t let the simplicity fool you!” The O2 Trainer “works wonders.” By controlling air intake, the O2 Trainer immediately teaches people the correct way to breathe—using the diaphragm. The smaller the intake hole, the harder the lungs need to work to “pull” the air in. This work trains the muscles of the lungs and diaphragm, making them strong.

“This product is very personal to me,” says Bas Rutten. “I had asthma as a boy, and I remember how hard it was just to catch my breath.” Rutten grew up in the Netherlands participating in track-and-field and dreaming of becoming “the Dutch Bruce Jenner.” However, throughout his childhood, Bas suffered severe asthma and was often bedridden for days because he could not get enough air into his lungs.

Young Bas noticed that when he returned to track-and-field after an asthma attack, he would often beat his own records. He also noticed a drawing of a set of lungs at his doctor’s office, which helped him see why having to work hard to draw a breath would lead to stronger performance ability. “It was at that time,” says Rutten, “as a sick boy of about 15 years old, that I first thought of the O2 Trainer.

“I am extremely excited about the O2 Trainer for several reasons,” says Dr. Frank B. Wyatt, Professor of Exercise Physiology & Athletic Training at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, KS. “It makes one work harder to move air into and out of the lungs, so ventilatory muscles (i.e., diaphragm, intercostals) function is enhanced. This is very positive since ventilatory fatigue has been shown to influence performance.”

Used by Rutten, his colleagues, and his trainees in the military’s elite Special Forces, the O2 Trainer was initially designed with athletes in mind. However, people from all
walks of life are now using it. Musicians who play woodwinds or horns benefit from the O2 Trainer, as well as mountain climbers, scuba divers, singers, and anyone else who just wants to live healthily and enjoy life to its fullest.

The O2 Trainer kit consists of a top-quality, high-grade polymer mouthpiece, ten workout-level end-caps which are for use while working out, and four resting-level end-caps which you can use for breathing exercises while at rest.  The simple, carefully engineered O2 Trainer rests comfortably in the mouth, providing air intake resistance designed to build optimal endurance and performance.