Panax Ginseng a 5000 Year Old Chinese Traditional Medicine for Scar Treatment

Skin a complex structure in body, is the most visible organ which gives beauty and health . Skin is made of three layers Epidermis, dermis and hypordermis. Normally a scratch on epidermis heals fully. But a deep wound requires a continuous repair and healing process which requires several weeks. The end of a deep wound healing results in formation of a scar tissue.

Let’s the 10 different types of scars and the best scar treatment available :

1. Superficial Scars : Superficial scars are formed by Acne which causes the facial skin to be discolored or gently thinned.

2. Stretch Marks :  Over body weight and obesity causes the stretch marks. Which is commonly seen in the abdominal , breast and at the upper arms.

3. Deep Scars : A wound caused in hypodermis layer of the skin causes a deep scar. When a deep wound is healed it causes a permanent mark.

4. Surgical Scars : These types of scars are not avoidable after a surgery. The shape, appearance and extent of the scar depends on the location of the scar, mobility and stretching of the skin, body weight, wound complications and predisposition to heavy scarring

5. Acne Scars : Acne is caused by a bacterial growth on skin.  In common the acne scars are atrophic but in some cases it becomes hypertrophic which leads to the formation of the keloids.

6. Burn Scars : A severe burn on the skin causes the scar formation.

7. Linear Scars : A cut by a knife or blade or after a surgery in a linear formation causes this type of Linear Scars. These type of scars often take a be in reddish at first and then diminishes and take a nearby skin color.

8. Atrophic Scars :  Atrophic  which is a unfortunate and complicate type of scar which causes the loss of skin pigmentation. These facial scars cause a much depression.

9. Hypertrophic Scars : In some conditions of skin burns or genetically prone, the scar tissue will start to form a fibrous tissue which causes a uneven skin surface on the body . This type of fibrous tissue formation is known as hypertrophic scar.

10. Contracture Scars :  A very deep wound or a deep burn usually creates a new tissue which is hard, thick and  rigid scars known as contracture scars.

There are multiple types of treatment available for scars but the most successful and less complicated treatment for scar is by applying a scar cream.

Panax Ginseng for Scar Treatment :

Panax Ginseng  is plant which is used a Chinese traditional medicine for more than 5000 years. It helps to maintain the equilibrium and various illness of the body. A study in 2008 says that Panax Ginseng   helps to aid in diabetes management . Pinax Ginseng along with Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane  is used as a Scar Formula in in treatment for  Scars.

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