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Life Changing Procedures – A Review of Scar Treatment




After two cesarean sections and an amount of time dealing with the after-effects including aesthetic and physical torment of such procedures, I decided to take it upon myself to make things better and finally contacted a surgery in Colchester. My C-section scars had left behind very troublesome wounds which unfortunately didn’t properly heal. The extent of my discomfort became extremely difficult to live with, especially in hot weather when my skin would become hot warm, and sweaty, causing me great amounts of uneasiness.

Decision Time

Following a consultation with a specialist consultant surgeon, I underwent cosmetic surgery at the chosen hospital which would result in the removal of excess and unsightly skin. The surgeon who operated gave the best service I could have hoped for and I would recommend the procedure to anyone. I was constantly reassured and put at ease, whilst the risks were clearly outlined.

Luckily, a friend of mine put me in contact with the surgeon and hospital after the success of similar operations which she had received a few years previous to correct her burn scars after a bad accident. I also had the pleasure of liaising with a very caring, personable PA to the doctor, working to give me all the information I needed, and assistance in scheduling appointments.

Operation Complete

Following the procedure, my consultant carried on checking to see if I was okay for a good time afterward. This after service was brilliant and really made a difference to my mental recovery.

The operation has literally changed my life, I’m a completely different person and I’ll be eternally grateful for the kindness, care, and attention I’ve received from the staff at the hospital.


Anyone looking to undergo scar treatment should thoroughly research the consultant and hospital in mind before receiving surgery. Most importantly, it must be realized that not all scars are the same. Their location on the body as well as what caused the injuries to mean different procedures need to be carried out for varying conditions. A little home research can go a long way – it will help explain whether you have a contracture (burn), scrape, cut, acne scar, stretch mark, keloid or raised scar, recessed scar, or another specific scarring of tissue. Most scars can be treated and faded with the correct medical expertise from many practitioners working mainly from private hospitals in Essex and throughout greater London.