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Why Strong Asthma Attacks Occur Early in the Morning



Why strong asthma attacks occur early in the morning

It is known that there are changes at night in the functioning of organs and systems that could contribute to the appearance of bronchospasms.

First of all, this phenomenon is due to the reduced production of hormones and also the type of nervous system of the individual. Typically, these changes can reach their maximum at 4 am to 6 am. There is such regularity: the worse a person feels during the day, the more pronounced will be the seizures of bronchial asthma in the early morning hours.

If preventative measures are ineffective and suffering from suffocation continues, keep calm, sit or get upright and use your inhaler. It is essential that at this point not to panic, do not take indiscriminately different medications, observe dosages and correct inhalation techniques, or otherwise, you will not achieve the desired result.

For patients suffering from frequent shortness of breath, it is advisable to leave a thermos with a hot drink at their bedside to drink some warm tea or water. If asthma attacks occur in the early morning hours and are repeated regularly, you should consult your doctor. Consider also that allergens may cause bronchial asthma attacks at night. In the presence of such allergens, seizures can occur late at night – between 1 am, and 3 am.

In this case, it is imperative to identify the causes of the attack. Look carefully at the room you are sleeping in. Maybe there is dust in it, or is the problem on the carpet? Keep in mind that house dust can also accumulate in your pillows. Patients diagnosed with asthma who are allergic to home dust should sleep on anti-allergic pillows.

Pooh and feathers contain a large number of mites – a major allergen in house dust. These ticks are not visible to the naked eye, but they are at places where dust is accumulated.

If you are allergic to household dust, it is essential to eliminate things, especially in the bedroom, that collect a lot of dust – carpets, sofas, books, and so on. You also need to opt-out of the idea of having a pet if you have an allergy to animal fur. Furthermore, fish food, feathers, poultry manure, presence of mold on the walls are potent allergens that can trigger asthma attacks. The foods you eat can also be a big contributing factor so make sure you know what kind of foods to avoid with asthma such as dried fruits and shrimps to prevent asthma attacks.

Patients who have asthma should have dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime. Their last meal should be no later than 6-7 pm. A full stomach can make breathing difficult, since gastric juice extraction at night is not desirable in patients with asthma, because the stomach contents may fall into the bronchi during sleep and cause spasm.

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