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Large Numbers of Death by Overdose Prompting Trend Towards Holistic Pain Relief



Large numbers of death by overdose prompting trend towards holistic pain relief

It has always been known that a dependence on prescription pain medications has been linked to illicit drug addiction but in recent years, this is a cause for even greater concern. There is a growing number of death by overdose in the United States especially, but elsewhere around the world as well. Many of these deaths are still related to heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines but we are seeing more and more deaths as the result of these street drugs being laced with fentanyl, the same drug responsible for the death of superstar Michael Jackson.

Some Startling Statistics

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, death by unintentional poisoning when taking prescription medications grew by 400% from 1999 to the year 2009. That is a quadrupling of the number of death by overdose and each and every one was involving a prescribed medication. The main culprits are Demerol, OxyContin and Vicodin. As of just a few years ago, those drugs were responsible for more deaths than the combined deaths attributed to cocaine and heroin and although even those deaths are on the rise, the underlying reason is the really frightening statistic.

Prescription Drug Abuse Leads to Use of Illicit Drugs

One leading drug detox center in Los Angeles treats hundreds of addicts who actually state they began their addiction nightmare as the result of being prescribed opioid pain killers. The treatment is the same for any drug, prescribed or procured on the street. Recovery and rehab can be a slow, arduous process but the end results are well worth the efforts. A clean and sober lifestyle awaits the addict at the end of treatment but unfortunately, recovery is a lifelong process.

A Wide Range of Holistic Alternatives

Since it is becoming increasingly obvious that many of today’s addicts began as regular 9-5 working adults who suffered a painful mishap and were prescribed opioids to enable them to function, the trend is turning toward any number of holistic alternatives. From acupuncture to homeopathic supplements, corporate America is turning from prescription pain medications and towards a safe and healthier treatment for pain. Vitamins and many herbal preparations can assist in healing and can dull severe pain all at the same time. These treatments are not habit forming, are not known to cause overdose deaths and can be purchased at any health food store, or in the case of acupuncture, a trained practitioner can be found in most cities around the country.

Americans seeking a healthier lifestyle need to look further than the foods they eat. The state of your health is based on so much more than whether or not you eat red meat or drink a soda a day. In the long run, even though diet is huge with health aficionados, treatments for pain and illnesses are also a grave concern. If you are suffering debilitating pain, take time to learn what options are available to you. Don’t risk doing something that could lead you into greater and longer lasting pain than you are now suffering. There are healthy options out there. Find them to ensure your safety. Life is already too short, don’t make it any shorter.