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Wild Animals and the Health Problems They Cause



Squirrels, rabbits, deer, and skunks are the stuff that animated movies are made of. These animals look so cute and cuddly, and many, especially kids, are powerless once face to face with these innocent, furry, and absolutely adorable creatures. But beneath that pelt of adorability lies a cunning wild animal; and it is best to remember that. These creatures are of the wild. Because of their untamed nature, they must be approached with caution.

Wildlife Presence in Residential or Commercial Areas

A lot of people are wondering why their once wildlife-free neighborhood is now teeming with all sorts of animals, including deer, rodents and other furry creatures, and even snakes. One thing that drives wild creatures to your home is because they have lost their natural habitats. Come to think of it, it’s really no wonder that animals are vying for space, especially since humans continue to encroach on forests and woods. Wooded areas are cleared in order to build houses, parks, or commercial areas. So, where can the animals go?

Health Risks

Do not attempt to approach skunks, raccoons, or bats just because they look so helpless and loveable. Wild creatures like these might be rabid. Yes, they might have rabies which can be transferred to you. How? Rabies is typically passed on through animal bites. But since the rabies virus is also found in other secretions, such as the saliva, you might also get infected if a rabid animal slobbers all over your small cut or wound.

Since wild animals gallivant anywhere they please, it’s not surprising that they are infected with all sorts of bacteria and viruses. They could be carriers of toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, as well as many kinds of parasites. Animals could easily transfer these microorganisms through biting or upon direct contact. Therefore, in case you see a raccoon sleeping in your attic, call Animal Control services or a pest control company that does wildlife trapping.

Damage to Property

In addition to the health problems that they can cause, wild animals are also destructive creatures. You won’t find squirrels charming once they begin chewing holes through your walls. A rabbit may look like a sweet fluffy animal; but once it starts to gorge itself on your prized tomatoes, it’ll be hard for you to find it endearing. All in all, wild creatures can destroy gardens, landscapes, yards, as well as walls, floors, attics, pipes, and other parts of your precious home.

Wildlife Trapping

It is hard to get rid of wild animals on your own. A pest control expert can do a better job because he is educated about the habits and behavior of wild animals. He is also trained on how to handle such creatures. His knowledge and skills are vital in catching problem animals that have taken over your yard and your home.

In case you want to get rid of all those wild creatures inside your property, opt for wildlife trapping instead of using poison. The latter is dangerous. Once dead, a poisoned animal may be eaten by other creatures. Your pet might even get curious enough to take a bite of a dead squirrel. Furthermore, the chemicals used are extremely toxic to people, especially kids. With wildlife trapping, the pest control service you contact will likely trap and then release caught animals in a park or wooded area that’s far from your place. So, it’s a humane way of dealing with nuisance and destructive animals.