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5 Health Risks Of Summer



Summer is a great time to be outside and enjoy the weather. But summer activities bring additional risks to your health. Some prevention should be in order so that you can enjoy this time with your friends and family safely. Listed below are some of the most common summer health risks you should watch out for:

1. Heat Stroke

In the last few years and as the earth’s weather changes to become more unpredictable, the problem with heat stroke has grown severe. This is a life-threatening condition, as the body may develop extremely high temperatures that could literally dry up and fry the cells inside, causing permanent damage. You have to watch out for these signs and immediately call 911 for assistance:

  • rapid breathing
  • absence of sweating
  • high body temperature (fever)
  • confusion and deliriousness
  • fast pulse

To avoid getting a heat stroke, you must make sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times and avoid being out in the sun during its peak.

2. Dehydration

With the kind of heat the summer brings, dehydration can happen all too quickly. The body could be depleted of moisture that you will frequently feel thirst, or feel you’re feverish or develop dry, irritated skin. Bring water bottles with you at all times, especially when you’re going to be out and active under the sun. The children and the elderly are more prone to dehydration, so make sure that they also get enough water to drink.

3. Drowning

Because people are going to be in the water a lot, cases of drowning rise during the summer. Vigilance and proper supervision prevents this from happening. Even if you’re swimming in a pool and not on open, wavy water, drowning accidents may still occur. Do watch out for the children when you’re out swimming and observe rules and guidelines set by the resort. These rules are for your safety and protection.

4. Food Poisoning

Cases of food poisoning also rise during summer because food is exposed to heat during picnics, or when you’re out on the beach or park. The weather can induce the growth of bacteria in food that is out in the open. The best way to prevent this is to follow proper but straightforward guidelines for handling food and keeping it safe. Of course, a lot of common sense will also be your best guard against this.

5. Skin Cancer

Many health advocates remind you to apply sunscreen when you go out in this heat. But even in the confines of your house, you aren’t protected, as UV rays can still penetrate through. Make it a daily habit to apply sunscreen to protect it from cancer. These come in different forms and consistency. They are labeled with numbers for the strength of protection. If you are indoors, you can liberally apply sunscreen that’s below SPF 15. If you have to go out, choose a sunscreen with higher SPF.

Yeast infection is also widespread during the summer season, and preventing this requires care and maintenance of one’s health and well-being.