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The Four Most Amazing Swimming Pools In The World



A swimming pool or bath is simply a container intended for swimming or water-based recreation. There are many different sizes and shapes to a pool; some can even be built underground. A pool is generally constructed from four materials: concrete (also commonly referred to as Gunite), metal, plastic, or fiberglass.

This article aims to show you the world’s weird, wacky, and beautiful swimming pools. Here are the four most amazing swimming pools:

Number One – Ubud Hanging Infinity Pools In Bali

Bali is a small Indonesian island and well known for the rich culture and mesmerizing landscapes. The Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel is a human-made attraction, featuring the sizeable multi-level infinity pool. This pool takes the shape of the hills nearby. It allows guests the opportunity to swim at the edge and enjoy peaceful panoramic views of the ancient Pura Penatraran Dalem Segara temple- located on the opposite hillside.

The pool is lined with decks, offering visitors a chance to relax in the sun. It is interesting to note that the resort was built on wooden pillars among rice fields. The reason is to integrate the pools into the environment.

Number Two – The Joule Hotel Hanging Pool In Dallas

This is for the urban grandstander; the Joule hotel in Dallas has a rooftop pool situated eight stories about the ground. The pool partly hands over the edge of the hotel and has Plexiglas sides- allowing you to view the bottom of the street through the pool.

Number Three – Nemo 33 In Belgium

Nemo 33 is located in Brussels and is the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool. The pool is thirty-four and a half meters deep (one hundred and thirteen feet deep) and contains two and a half million liters of non-chlorinated filtered spring water -The water itself is kept at thirty degrees Celsius.

The swimming pool has numerous underwater windows that allow outside visitors the opportunity to look at the pool’s various depths. The pool was designed, in 2004, by Belgian diving expert John Beernaerts for diving lessons, recreational use, and a film production facility.

Number Four – The Underground Pool

The new thrill is to dive into the world’s most unusual pool. This underground pool is hidden away in Midway, Utah. The homestead crater is a fifty-five-foot high dome that is half-filled with spring water and said to be the perfect retreat after a chill day in the snow.

The pool was first found in 1886 when silver miners were lowered by rope from the top of the dome into the water to soothe their sore muscles. Today visitors enter the pool through a one hundred, and ten-foot hole bored into the dome rock wall, above the waterline, and take a dip in the crystal-clear pool.

These pools are a refreshing look at how one can take an ordinary pool and create something magical, but making it different – from rooftop pools to underground pools.