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The Best And Worst Things About Running



In a lot of cases, there is an undeniable beauty about how uncomplicated something can be. There are not too many human functions that are as simple as running and yet it is an activity that has so much to offer and so much to discover.

There are people who may have previously been largely inactive when it comes to physical activities and hobbies but once they started running they began to love it. Running has an incredible appeal to it and it is difficult to fully appreciate unless you have dedicated a certain amount of your time to it. It is true that there are some troubling aspects that can come from being a regular runner but this is just part and parcel of being devoted to it and the positives far outweigh any downsides. Here are examples of both the good and the bad parts of being a runner.

Escaping into your own world

All people tend to feel the desire to escape from time to time and running is one of the best ways possible to do this. It is an activity that provides you with plenty of time to think things over but you can also choose to switch off entirely from anything that has been playing on your mind. There is undoubtedly something incredibly satisfying about breaking off into your own world and enjoying the escapism.


One of the drawbacks that can arise from being a frequent runner is chafing. You will notice this after a few sessions usually and it can affect areas such as the chest, nipples, and inner parts of the legs.

It is caused by the friction of your clothing and moisture rubbing against your skin but the good thing is that it is possible to deal with it. Petroleum jelly is proven to alleviate the irritation, as is wearing material that keeps sweat or water away from your body.

Positive impact on health and appearance

Numerous people get into running to make a change for the better in how they look and feel. There are lots of examples to be found of people who lost a lot of weight and improved their all-round health after committing themselves to run and exercise on a regular basis.


There are not too many things that are quite as frustrating as being denied the chance to do something you enjoy as a result of personal injury. Perhaps the hardest aspect to deal with once you become a runner is convincing yourself when your body needs the time to rest and recover.

The enjoyment of the whole process

A run can be thought of as a challenge with various characteristics, including the preparation, the toil, and the achievement at the end. Much of the beauty of running lies in the process that comes before you achieve your goals and the buzz when you can feel yourself doing well is huge. Music is very valuable and while it can motivate you it can also go one step further and give you immense enjoyment while you run.