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Breaking Down The World Around Us



When we look at the world, we see things in simple shapes. The objects and materials that surround us seem solid and without much to them. Even the more intricately designed things in our surroundings, such as living things, seem straight forward. However, even a simple circular ball can be broken down.

For example, in nature, the components of a food crop are the seed or plant from which the crop sprouts along with natural elements such as sun, wind, and rain. These elements all work together to help the crop thrive. Manmade objects can also be broken down into their various elements for examination by using a variety of tests.

Determining the Type of Test

Curious members of the general public may balk at official testing because they are too eager to learn how their favorite electronic device or other types of objects work. However, there is a lot more than can be learned through different tests and analyses that scope beyond what our cellphone dreams about or how the internet is accessed on an iPod.

Professionals in various fields know that everything we consume from foods to clothing to the television we watch may all be subject to closer analysis. These tests are of great importance as they dictate whether or not Cheetos are safe for consumption, or what type of teeth whitener is safe for public use. By breaking down the substances into their basic forms, there is much more information gathered about toxicity in many items rather than a focus on one or two. Depending on the test subject, there are two major tests to choose from.

Electronic Analysis

Present-day society is full of various types of electronic devices that continue to evolve. In order to stay competitive in a quickly evolving industry, one must understand how a specific object works and interacts with the world around us rather than simply knowing that it does work. For example, manufacturers of computer equipment will want to learn more about their internal capabilities and whether or not they create interference with airplanes, medical equipment, and more. By determining safe use, and also how much can be done with a given product, the electronic device becomes both more useful and safe for the public.

Chemical Analysis

One of the most important types of testing carried out today is chemical analysis. Chemicals are in almost everything we touch whether it’s lipstick or artificially flavored sports drinks. Breaking down the components of a product will not only help its manufacturer understand what the potential benefits are, but it will also aid against any potential harm. Tests such as HPLC analysis can help avoid dangerous products, but also give insight into what any competitor might be using by analyzing their product as well. By learning what ingredients are in the competition, a company can use what their competition has, and even improve upon it with small tweaks and changes.

The analysis isn’t just for advertising and product development. These analyses are important for scientific discoveries in physics, chemistry, and even botany while maintaining standards created by the FDA and other companies concerned with public health.